Why Did Hillary Clinton Win Massachusetts?

By: Inoljt, http://mypolitikal.com/

I think we all remember the 2008 Democratic primaries, that exciting and epic battle. In many ways the campaign caused more excitement than the general election, whose result was never really in doubt (especially after the financial crisis).

Both candidates drew upon distinctly different coalitions. In an influential article, Ronald Brownstein analyzes the difference this way:

Since the 1960s, Democratic nominating contests regularly have come down to a struggle between a candidate who draws support primarily from upscale, economically comfortable voters liberal on social and foreign policy issues, and a rival who relies mostly on downscale, financially strained voters drawn to populist economics and somewhat more conservative views on cultural and national security issues.

President Barack Obama assembled a coalition from the former, these "wine-track" Democrats. When most Americans think of liberals, they think of wine-track Democrats. Mr. Obama, then, was the liberal candidate; Mrs. Clinton the "beer-track," working-class representative.

So candidate won the most liberal place in America?

In fact, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton won the state of Massachusetts (you may have realized this by reading the title of this post). The result wasn't even close; Mrs. Clinton's margin was 15.37%.

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Bill & Hillary Launch Campaign Swing for Obama

Some really great news !

As we are headed to the home stretch of the 2008 Presidential campaign, the Clinton's are launching a multi-state campaign through battleground states for Senator Barack Obama.

Former President Bill Clinton & Senator Hillary Clinton will take center stage on Sunday in Scranton, PA together with VP candidate Senator Joe Biden.

After the Scranton rally, the Clinton's will take separate routes through battleground states in support of Senator Barack Obama. They will also campaign for Senate & House democratic candidates across the country.

Bill Clinton will then be campaigning in Richmond and Roanoke,Virginia. He then proceeds to campaign in the two battleground states of Ohio & Nevada. He carried both states in 1992 & 1996. Hillary Clinton also remains popular in these two states.

While Hillary Clinton's campaign schedule after Scranton, PA includes the battlground states of Florida, Ohio,Minnesota & Omaha, Nebraska. ( Hillary in Nebraska ! Wow- Obama must be really close in getting that 1 electoral vote in the district)

Bill Clinton was also in Florida earlier this week while Hillary Clinton campaign in Little Rock, Arkansas last Friday.

Senator Clinton also gave radio interviews in North Carolina & Spanish stations in Florida on behalf of Senator Obama. She also launched a Women's get out the vote by phone in Wisconsion.

Senator Clinton has headline more than 50 events for Barack Obama in the last 60 days & has raised over $10 million dollars for the Obama campaign.

This is just awesome news for Senator Obama & the democratic party. While the big dogs Bill & Hillary are going all out for Obama, John McCain is doing everything to stay away from the Bush family.

Just like Georgia & West Virginia, I would not be surprised if Obama closes the gap in Arkansas. The Arkansas Governor & two Senators are also spending time campaigning for Senator Obama.

Go Go Obama ! We are now about the enter the last 3 weeks !!!

http://ap.google.com/article/ALeqM5jxab7 fpWR_RJeKEp6hrgpXHqBqrgD93OKSF80

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Favor File or Enemies List?

OK guys - Obama won. Now let's not further trash the Demcoratic brand any more than necessary. That includes refraining from piling on the Clintons when it's not warranted. Republicans are loyal to a fault, but the Democrats could improve their practice of having each other's backs. It wasn't always about the Clintons. The same people who trashed Hillary this season laid into Gore for saying he invented the Internet, for sighing, and for telling "little lies." You heard that right. In Bush v. Gore, the mainstream media successfully painted Gore as the one with honesty problems.

This MSM laid into all Democrats in 2003 for being soft on national security.

Pile on the Clintons at your own peril - even though Republicans won 7 of the last 10 presidential elections, they truly believe the Democrats are power-hungry and (this is the best part): Republicans really believe Democrats ARE successful at gaining and maintaining power. No joke, my boss is a Republican and he just told me this, and used Tom Daschle as an example!?!? It's no wonder they hate the Clintons - because the Clintons care about regular people AND they built a lifetime network machine to get them into power so they could help people. In short, the Clintons convince people outside of Washington that the Democratic party cares about the little guy, and that's the biggest danger to the GOP there is. Heck the Clintons convince people outside of the country that the Democrats care about the little guy.

The theme emerging today: The Clintons keep lists (suggestion: an enemies list, similar to Nixon.) But with Nancy Pelosi, she keeps a "favor file" so that's OK.

Nancy Pelosi's "favor file", is a retail politics technique she learned from her father, Baltimore Mayor Thomas D'Alessandro.

Nancy Pelosi's favor file is OK:

A staunch Catholic and New Deal populist, Big Tommy conferred on his offspring a sense of society's obligation to the poor and powerless, enduring themes in his daughter's politics. But he also schooled them in the nuts and bolts, the transactional nature of the game. His career characterized by hard- fought races and endless vote-scrounging, Big Tommy was forever juggling the demands of the Poles, Germans, Irish, Czechs, Jews, and Italians in his district. Constituent service became his calling card, and Nancy and her brothers helped maintain a "favor file" on everyone for whom their father had ever found a job or served a hot meal. (Nancy's mom kept pots of stew and pasta sauce simmering at all hours to feed petitioners.) The operation also kept scrupulous count of how many votes it had-- and needed--from each precinct, block, ethnic group, union, to win an election. "Make sure you have the votes" was drilled into the D'Alesandro children's heads."

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Thanks a lot Bill

Kiss the vice presidency goodbye. Bill Clinton is almost as bad as Senator McCain for commiting political suicide. My God Senator Clinton's team and her husband have totally let her down.
It's ironic that some people were so concerned that Obama was unvetted. President Clinton has just shot down any chance of a dream team. Just when people were starting to talk about a dream team again in comes Bill with his baggage of affairs. Despite this I'm confident Hilliary will show just how much better she would have been compared to Bill when she throws her support behind Senator Obama Wednesday. As in my past diary I believe she will show what a class act she really is.

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Why is Clinton Really Objecting to the DNC's Decision?

I write here not to open wounds but to begin to find a way to move on. It is very difficult to accept a loss in a long and competitive campaign, but it is virtually impossible if one believes that his or her candidate was treated unfairly. Talk of Clinton having won the popular vote leaves this impression. People are led to believe that this may be Florida in 2000. It isn't.

The DNC reached a compromise yesterday (May 31st) on Florida and Michigan. It is fair and prudent. The Clinton camp appears satisfied with 50/50 split in Florida, but unhappy about the resolution in Michigan. From the Clinton camp:

"We strongly object to the Committee's decision to undercut its own rules in seating Michigan's delegates without reflecting the votes of the people of Michigan.

The Committee awarded to Senator Obama not only the delegates won by Uncommitted, but four of the delegates won by Senator Clinton. This decision violates the bedrock principles of our democracy and our Party.

We reserve the right to challenge this decision before the Credentials Committee and appeal for a fair allocation of Michigan's delegates that actually reflect the votes as they were cast."http://demconwatch.blogspot.com/

Are we really supposed to believe that Hillary Clinton, after stating publicly that the election in Michigan would not count--an election in which her opponent was not on the ballot--is now in a position to claim that the decision of the DNC has undermined democracy? Does she really believe this? Is she actually outraged?

I believe that there is outrage in Hillary's Camp. Just listen to some of the reports about what went on at the DNC meeting. And I also believe that Bill and Hillary may actually be outraged. The DNC's decision results in four more delegates for Obama than Hillary would have awarded him. In terms of the delegate count, four delegates can't be the source of the outrage. The practical consequences are nil and genuine outrage over principle is suspect. So if there is outrage, what is its source? Here is my hypothesis.

Hillary's Camp has been playing the metrics game for several months now. She has grown especially attached to is the so-called "popular vote" metric. However, any statistician or pollster worth his or her salt will tell you that you can't combine votes from caucus and primary states, for the former simply have many fewer "voters" involved. It is a classic case of apples and oranges. If you did combine them, the citizens of the caucus states could claim that they were being disenfranchised. Further, the primaries had different rules, some allowed independents to participate, some even allowed Republicans to cross over, while others were solely for Democrats.

The problem with the DNC's Michigan decision is that it undermines the plausibility of counting Michigan's votes in a popular vote total. According to the DNC, giving Obama the "uncommitted" votes is an inadequate solution to the Michigan problem. No one knows for sure how the vote would have gone. So it simply took the request of the Clinton Camp, and the request of the Obama Camp, and split the difference, awarding Obama four "additional" delegates. This is meant to make a statement. It shows that the state's popular vote is not to be construed as decisive or legitimate, for the delegate count does not match the "popular vote" (which in fact is non-existent since Obama wasn't on the ballot). The compromise was one over delegates, and the way that the delegates were handled signaled that Michigan's popular vote should not be counted.

The outrage from the Clinton Camp is real, but to be more exact, it is really fury at the DNC for undermining its case about the popular vote. It is not clear how she wants to use the latter at this point, but whether it is for posterity, for the VP slot, or for her next run for the presidency, the popular vote total remains very important to the Clintons. The problem, however, is obvious. By insisting on this false metric, they are undermining Obama. They are making it appear that she somehow won the election, as did Gore, and then had it taken away from her by an unfair system. But the analogy to Florida in 2000 is specious. Hillary and her Camp will have to take responsibility for any damage done to Obama's chances by continuing to "strongly object" to the DNC's reasonable compromise.

I hope that we can get past the "popular vote" and move on to the general election, asap.

To this end, I offer something to Obama and Clinton supporters who also happen to be BSG fans. I offer you the twelth cylon as a way to get going in the race against the Republicans.

"The Twelfth Cylon Revealed"

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