Hillary's Response to Chimpy's Nazi Smear


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Plan B 2012 She can't lose

Senator Clinton's strategy is  to damage Senator Obama at any cost. This serves two purposes. 1st to damage Senator Obama's reputation to the point Superdelegates
overturn the people's candidate which isn't likely, and as I have now come to believe she damages his chances of beating Senator McCain  so that she can beat McCain in 2012. It has become quite clear she cannot catch up to Senator Obama and it's quite clear she can't wait for Senator Obama to serve two terms and then try again. 2012 is now the sole purpose for her continuing this race. Her number 1 "issue" is can he take the heat? What kind of heat are we talking about? Tough questions on the economy, Health care, The war. No she is throwing the "bathroom sink at him" I imagine the Republicans love this and for good reason. I want to see Senator Obama tested because he will be under fire from the enemy. But how far should we "test him on non issues? We need to come together don't we?

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