Champs Stand Up and Fight for Clean Air As Tea Party Loses Steam

Things are looking up in the effort to preserve clean air protections and to keep the Clean Air Act intact. For months, polluters and their allies in Congress have been trying to strip away the protections that keep our air safe to breathe. But in the past few days, 4 anti-clean air amendments have failed miserably in the Senate, 34 senators have declared their support for the Clean Air Act, and now some members of the GOP are indicating they might give some ground on the dirty policy riders they’ve attached to the spending bill — policy riders that don’t save a single red cent.

Two forces are helping break up the logjam: the renewed leadership from clean air champions and the apparent waning influence of Tea Party supporters. But the fight is definitely not over. We need to keep the pressure on until the dirty air bullies back down.

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Despite the polls, Bush corporate welfare is on track

The NYT happily provides a catalogue of the Bush Corporate Welfare Plan - past, present and future.

The culture stuff may make the most waves, and give his base the most ya-yas. But corporate welfare is the Bush regime's engine-room; and, with his bench of Congressional Dem enablers usually ready to bridge the gap when he's a few votes short, there's no sign of it seizing up.

So far, Bad Poll Bush is crying all the way to the bank.

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