Hit Me Congress, One More Time: Bailing Out the Auto Industry

As distasteful as it seems, the taxpoayers must bail out the Big 3 automakers, not because of incompetence by Management, but because failure to do so will affect the workers, and throw the U.S. into a deeper Recession.

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Big 3 Bailout?

Today's the day that the Big 3 automotive CEOs return to the Senate to beg for a bailout. For instance, GM is asking for $18 Billion, and, to show sincerity, the GM President drove his two other buddies from Michigan to DC in a hybrid Chevy Malibu. And he has joined them in saying he'd settle for a $1.00 salary this year (but has not mentioned any multi-million dollar bonuses or stock option plans.)

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The Media Auto Know Better: Fueling Anti-Union Fires

Many in the mass media, in an attenpt to try to explain the "why" of America's economic problems have looked in the wrong area. In this insightful column, award-winning journalist Walter Brasch explains why the workers and their unions are not the problem.

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Boycott Chrysler

According to Digby, Chrysler officials meet with VP Cheney and asked him to disallow an emissions waiver for the first time. Well, I do not live in Cali, but this is easy.  I think activists in the state should organize a statewide (countrywide?) boycott.  

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Stand With Them: UAW Chrysler Workers On Strike!

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For the second time in several weeks, United Auto Workers are on strike.  This time, it's the workers at Chrysler plants across the country.  49,000 UAW workers went on strike at 11:00 am EST time today against their employers to fight for their rights and a better contract.  Even though Chrysler expects the strike to only last for a short while, we need to stand with our brothers and sisters in labor during this potentially difficult time.  Follow me over the fold to find out more.

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