Jim Jontz, Progressive Hero

When he was 22, back in 1974, Jim Jontz ran as a long-shot candidate for the Indiana State House against the Republican House Majority Leader.  He was mainly trying to draw attention to the effort he was organizing to stop a dam-building project in his rural district, but he ran hard.  He knocked on every door in his rural district, and he won by 2 votes.

The dam was done, but Jim was just getting started.  

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About Cegelis

In his update to Johnathan's "Examining the DCCC v. Netroots Meme" Chris laments (I corrected his spelling):

Did any grassroots and movement candidates lose in the House once they got out of the primary? Makes you wonder how Christine Cegelis would have done in IL-06.

As anyone who's read this blog since the primary is aware, I was a big proponent of Christine Cegelis' campaign and a big detractor of Duckworth's. How Christine would have faired in this race is anyone's guess, and I can only dream of what we could have done with the type of resources Duckworth's campaign had along with Christine's strong anti-war populist message.  However, right after a close loss is not the time, especially for the volunteers who worked their asses off for Duckworth. I remember how I felt after the primary. They can't feel much better and deserve credit for working so hard for a candidate they believed in or to just to try and regain the House for Democrats. Now is not the time to play "what if Rahm backed Christine."

Instead, this post is about what Christine Cegelis did post-primary. I think it's an and astonishing example of what one person is capable of doing for the Party even after it threw her under the bus.

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The Democratic leadership never learns

Rahm Emanuel told us that Tammy Duckworth was more "electable" than Christine Cegelis because of Duckworth's service in Iraq, and her sacrifice.  I said at the time that Republicans always attack candidates on their strength.  They've been doing it for years, but the Democratic leadership still hasn't caught on.

From Talking Points Memo:

GOP candidate Roskam accuses Democratic opponent Duckworth of wanting to 'cut and run' in Iraq.

Duckworth, a double amputee, lost both legs while serving in Iraq.

Carolyn Kay

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Contributions Needed for Paul Hackett's St. Louis Visit


Paul Hackett is scheduled to be the keynote speaker at the November Victory Democratic Challenger Convention August 18 through 20, 2006. Participants are fundraising to cover expenses for the event.  Here is a message from the 100+ Democratic Congressional Candidates and staff who form the November Victory discussion group (Cross-posted to Philosophe Forum and SoapBlox/LiberIL View):

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Cegelis Endorses Duckworth

Lynn Sweet's column has the story.

Christine Cegelis, who lost a three-way Democratic House primary battle last month, said she endorses the winner, wounded Iraq war vet Tammy Duckworth.

"I certainly endorse Tammy over Peter Roskam. I hope for a Demo-cratic win in November, and I wish her all the luck in the world,'' Cegelis said

This is a classy move, and a smart one.  She took some time, took a deep breath, and then did the right thing.  That's going to matter when the next political opportunity comes up for her.

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