"Foxy" Edwards: Not A "Godless" Liberal

John Edwards is just not your average tone-deaf, pandering politician with the common sense of a goldfish, like the so-called leaders we've become accustomed to.  He's truly a liberal.   But liberal does not mean you have to be "Godless."
First, the News:

  1. In yet another first, Edwards decided NOT to participate in the skeet shoot debate being hosted by FOX News in Nevada.

  2. Edwards directly links Jesus to the central themes of his campaign, saying Christ "would be appalled" that we "resort to war when it's not necessary," and ignore "the plight of those around us who are suffering."
Wondering where all those disenfranchised Christian voters might turn when the dust settles between the exasperated fiscal conservatives and imperial neo-conservatives as they fight over the hard-core Coulterites in the GOP?

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Christian Right Tries To Recruit Another GOP Candidate For 2008

The Christian right may try to recruit another candidate for the GOP presidential campaign. The New York Times reports a group of influential right wing leaders has already tried to recruit Gov. Mark Sanford of South Carolina.

The group is dissatisfied with the top GOP candidates John McCain, Mitt Romney, and Rudolph W. Giuliani and has doubts about Gov. Mike Huckabee, Representative Duncan Hunter, and Senator Sam Brownback.

http://bluesunbelt.com/showDiary.do?diar yId=152

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Reprinted from The Satirical Political Report http://satiricalpolitical.com

While Charlie Rangel's proposal to reinstitute a military draft appears to be dead in the water, the Harlem Congressman has come up with a compromise plan: just draft John McCain's family.

Since McCain is virtually the only person in the world still lobbying for more U.S. troops in Iraq -- with the possible exception of Al Qaeda itself -- Rangel felt it was time for McCain to "put up (his own family) or shut up."

McCain, interestingly, had no problem with this proposal, on the condition that it was carried out in accord with the military's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy. As McCain explained to Tim Russert, "don't ask my family if they want to go, and don't tell them we're sending them to the hell-hole called Iraq."

This proposal was also supported by the Christian Right, which contends that McCain has fathered so many children that his own offspring could singlehandedly turn the tide in Iraq.

As Pat Robertson put it, "this would also guarantee an ethnically diverse fighting force that mirrors America, since a good many of McCain's children are from Mongrel races."

CONTINUED at: http://satiricalpolitical.com/?p=423

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Rove's Pedophile Defense?

Karl Rove and the Republicans find themselves on the defense over pedophilia. At the end of the film, "Bush's Brain," I'm quoted saying Karl will pay for the harm he has done others. It appears I was right.

Pedophilia has long been a favorite Rove attack message. Former Alabama Supreme Court Judge Mark Kennedy remembers. In 1994, the same year Rove and Bush were beating Ann Richards with a whisper campaign about lesbianism, Rove masterminded an unfounded, malicious attack on Kennedy. Kennedy helped start the Children's Trust Fund of Alabama -- and later founded a private nonprofit to assist abused children.

So Rove put together a whisper campaign that accused Kennedy of pedophilia -- and used pictures of the judge with children to bolster the case. You can read about it in Wayne Slater and Jim Moore's "The Architect." (Kennedy won, but eventually left the court.)

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Republicans For Voldemort - The Christian Right and the Dark Arts

When I was first given the idea to write an article comparing the tactics of the religious right to the "dark arts" a la Harry Potter, I must admit I was tempted to write a snark-o-rama to entertain progressive intellectuals.  However, the more that I thought about it, I realized that this was an important subject requiring serious contemplation.

One thing that I hesitate to do, however, is use such simple colour coded phrases like "white" and "black" to discribe magick.  They're culturally popular, and I will use them occsiaionally to drive home a point, but I still find it distasteful.  Call me a bleeding-heart liberal, but I think it a tad bit racist to think that every thing bad and evil is "black" and everything positive and good is "white".  I know a great many African-American magicians who would take issue with that.

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