MSNBC and Chris Matthews Working Hard Against HRC

This really made my skin crawl last night. I wanted to jump through the television screen.  MSNBC and Chris Matthews "insinuated" that the Hostage situation was something like Hillary Clinton's "spin" thing.

MSNBC had on Cliff Van Zandt jabbering on about whether it was a "true" hostage situation. I get that he was trying to make a distinction regarding what the hostage taker's objectives were,  but the bottom line is that he TOOK hostages and they were in danger.

Then Chris Matthews had a segment "insinuating" that the Hostage situation was somehow not real and that Hillary was somehow spinning the situation.

Then Chris had a segment about Giuliani and his "sex on the city" issues. The segment was supposed to be about Giuliani; however, at the end of the segment he made a nasty comment about Bill having an affair on "campus" and "not on the city".

I am so tried of MSNBC and Chris Matthews.  Why do they continue their daily jabs at HRC and the Big Dog and let Chris Matthews, a slimy male chauvinist pig so-called journalist disparage the Clintons everyday?

I am not the best writer, but I wrote an email to MSNBC and Chris Matthews expressing my thoughts on this crap and their continual Clinton attacks. I hope others with follow and send them an email to.

MSNBC and Chris Matthews have gone too far and I have LOST all respect, what little I had for them.

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Why I Didn't Go on "Hardball"

I wrote this for today's Beyond Chron.

There was much ado this week about the U.S. Senate's condemnation of MoveOn, with Hillary Clinton voting against the resolution.  But on September 26th, Clinton joined 75 Senators to pass a resolution calling the Iranian Army a "terrorist organization," a Dick Cheney pipe dream that could lead us to another pre-emptive War.  The mainstream media, however, was too busy declaring Clinton the Democratic presidential nominee.  As the candidates gathered that night for another debate, the media said it was John Edwards and Barack Obama's "last chance" to shift momentum - even though we still have over 3 months left before the first primary.  As a frequent Hillary critic, I got a call that morning to be on "Hardball" to provide commentary.  But they didn't want me on their TV show to argue why Clinton should not be the nominee; they wanted me to predict she will lose the primaries and to "debate" someone who says she will win.  I would not make that prediction - the whole thing seemed like a set-up - so they did not invite me on.  But it speaks volumes about how the media is covering this race, as it blatantly cheerleads Hillary's "inevitable" nomination.

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Edwards Evening News Roundup: Teach Your Children Well Edition

Welcome to the Saturday night Edwards Evening News Roundup.  Tonight, our major focus is on the education plan that John Edwards released yesterday.  I think it's a great plan that will put our public education system back on track after years of neglect.  I'll highlight some of that plan tonight.

Beneath the fold, we'll delve into the following stories:

  • Teach Your Children Well: The Edwards Education Plan

  • Campaign Manager David Bonior on Hardball

  • Breaking News: Bush May Have Misused the DOJ AGAIN

  • Celebrating OneWebDay with the Edwards Campaign

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Rate the Pundit Poll: Tweety

Tweety Bird, the cartoon character from Warner Brothers, "had charm and innocence"

Tweety, the squawking Host of MSNBC's Hardball, well he has the same yellow hair, and a similar clownish head.


Though the physical resemblance between between the lovable Cartoon Character and the Media Cheerleader, is striking, the similarities between them end there!  Haaah!

[ Like most here, I too, find it bad form to "use a person's physical appearance against them" -- BUT since Matthews frequently resorts to "this Gravitas tactic" in his political commentaries, I figure it's about time he get a dose of his own medicine ...]

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Unity 08 Is A Joke Dot Com Late Night Open Thread

Sam Waterston, who is getting a promotion to DA on Law And Order next season thanks to Fred Thompson's run for president (or whatever,) appeared on Hardball on Tuesday to once again push this whole Unity 08 idea, that two random people will be chosen by folks on the internet, regardless of party, and it will be some sort of non-partisan love fest. Have you heard, partisanship is bad, because Sam Waterston says so. In fact, it's so bad that it led us right into Iraq.


Here's the thing about Iraq that I think is really important to say and that is that the Iraq situation that we are in now is a direct outgrowth of this kind of winner take all head to head take no prisoners politics that we've been having and that if there had been more attention to consensus before we went in we might not be in this pickle now.

It boggles the mind. Well, credit where credit is due, Chris Matthews did not let that go and called Waterston out on his ridiculous claim, and really laid bare the biggest flaw in the argument of these advocates for bi-partisanship: look what it's gotten us.


But didn't we have a lot, we had Hillary and John Kerry and Joe Biden and John Edwards all voted to authorize the war, all these Democrats trooped over across the aisle and backed a Republican president when he told us we had to go to war with a country that hadn't attacked us. If the system is broken, isn't it broken because there's too much consensus?


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