Kamil Hasan and Howard Dean

I'm sure Tim Russert, Chris Matthews and many others in the national press are just lining up, bursting to say and write kind and wonderful things about Democratic National Committee (DNC) Chair Howard Dean. If only they could find the time.

Yeah, probably along the lines of let's revisit 'The Scream' for the 1,563,874th time. Or let's quote some of those oh-so-easy-to-find unnamed sources that Dean is fighting with Demo honchos Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi. Or the financial contributions aren't coming in as well as prior to Dean's appointment.

Well, you DCers, spouters of what is supposed to be graciously accepted as righteous conventional wisdom and unadorned truth, sit down. I know it's tough to hear this but little 'ol Lisa Fernandez of the San Jose Mercury News (Knight Ridder chain yet again you WPosters and NY Timers) beat you all to it. You've been scooped.

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Our time has come: Targeting O'Reilly, Matthews and Hannity

There are more and more efforts out there to lobby the companies that advertise on right-wing talk shows to get them to pull their ads. This is an approach that I have advocated for some time based on the fact that this is how groups like the NRA and moral majority have been so successful in dictating the national dialogue. Their constant lobbying not just of politicians but of businesses and advertisers mean that they get listened to and we don't. I am urging you to join me and an increasingly large coalition of leftists to fight back and use your consumer and investor muscle to pressure companies to avoid right wing talk shows when they are considering where to spend their advertising dollars.

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Chris Matthews Takes Another Cheap Shot

Chris Matthews took another cheap shot at Democrats on national security last night.

Here's what he said:

"Here we have the president looking like a Democrat in this debate over war and security and the Democrats looking like security-conscious Republicans."

Nice, Chris -- I would have thought that your paycheck from G.E. would be big enough that you wouldn't have to moonlight for the RNC as well.

The transcript is right here (scroll down about half-way to the segment with Bob Shrum (who didn't challenge the cheap shot).

My letter to Matthews is below the fold, along with his e-mail address, in case you want to write him too.

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David Brooks, Unaccountable

David Brooks says that liberal blogs are semi-nuts.

Well, your right-wing brethren write as follows:

Why is it that those who participate in these funerals feel compelled to turn a solemn, religious event into a Def Comedy Jam spectacle of anti-Republican, anti-conservative boilerplate "known facts" and demands for handouts?

Right-wing bloggers are racist.  It's why they went crazy over Coretta Scott King's funeral.  (Go ahead and nominate Redstate for a Golden Dot Award, IPDI, and enjoy the moral quicksand.)

Pundits like David Brooks and Chris Matthews are unaccountable.  It's why racism doesn't really bother them (Chris Matthews has nice email exchanges with Redstate, for instance)..

Progressive bloggers, by contrast, are heterodox and rich in our thinking and reporting. The progressive blogs encompass Effect Measure, an excellent blog on Avian Flu, Atrios, a hilarious and hypersmart blog on media and politics, Boingboing, a terrific 'Directory of Wonderful Things' which pushes back on copyright tyranny, and The Washington Note, an incredibly smart and influential blog on foreign policy realism.

We're heterodox, diverse, and lively. It's not as simple a narrative as the 'liberal blogs are crazy' line, but it does have that adorable virtue of being, you know, true.

UPDATE: Glenn Greenwald has an excellent piece on the right wing blogs and the sad authoritarian state of 'movement convervatives.'

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Anti-gay site defends Chris Matthews

Last Friday, "Hardball" host Chris Matthews repeatedlysuggested that liberals or homosexuals might have been responsible for the tragic series of church fires in Alabama. Without warning and without evidence, Matthews pointed fingers, going so far as to ignore evidence to the contrary suggested by his guest, a special agent with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.

While his right-leaning opinions have been well documented, Friday's baseless assertions represented a new low for Matthews, who flatly accused liberals and homosexuals of politically motivated acts of terrorism. Coming to his defense was a little-known Virginia blog, The Staunton News Leader, which, in addition to spreading anti-gay rhetoric, may be infringing on the copyright of a local newspaper of the same name.

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