Inside look at Mayor Daley Political Machine

The backbone of all Political Machines are city jobs. Mayor Richard M. Daley former patronage chief Robert Sorich and three other city officials are currently on trial. People with city clout, political groups, Aldermen and union officials went to Robert Sorich in the Office of Intergovernmental Affairs when they wanted city jobs. The Chicago city officials allegedly fixed the results of job tests, regularly manipulated the interview and selection process for certain city jobs by conducting bogus interviews, falsely increase interview scores, and otherwise guaranteeing that certain pre-selected candidates who were favored by high-ranking city officials.

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Net neutrality and taxpayer funded wireless

From the business-oriented Advertising Age:

Content Providers Square Off Against Phone, Cable Companies

The potential winners if tiered Internet becomes a reality: the nation's big phone and cable companies, as well as the marketing partners who can afford the tolls for the access required to provide high-speed video and audio. The losers: consumers, who may have fewer choices and could see prices rise for Internet downloads; content providers that don't hook up with the phone or cable companies; content providers that compete with phone or cable companies; and the raft of small businesses and consumers who won't be able to compete, period.

And I didn't even know this was happening here in Chicago until today.

Chicago wireless plan advances

City Hall will seek proposals from private companies to extend high-speed wireless Internet service to all Chicago neighborhoods at little or no cost to consumers, Mayor Richard Daley announced Tuesday...

The City Council has been studying the possibility of Wi-Fi installation for more than a year.

Carolyn Kay

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My Experience Helping Fair Illinois

(The Anti-gay marriage referendum which has been making the rounds in several states has hit Illinois unfortunately.  The product both of intolerance and cynicism, it has no place on the Illinois Ballot. is spear-heading a volunteer effort to check every signature to see if it's legit.)

I was there on Saturday at the FairIllinois Office and went through 20 petitions.

Everyone was in good humor and helped each other -- which is what you'd expect from progressives.  I saw a number of couples come in both gay and straight.  I got there at about one and after the short training by the affable Matt, I hunkered down to work.

The hours of operation are pretty open since there are a lot of these sheets to go through -- over 50,000 I think.  Our job was to go through the list of people who had signed and make sure that their name and address checked out.  Simple enough.

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A Different Interpretation of Illinois 06

I too have meditated a lot on the results and the various events coloring the race in Illinois 06.  

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John Sullivan (IL-03) Needs 300 Volunteers This Weekend

Progressive Democrats can potentially pull off an extraordinary victory on the Southwest Side of Chicago. They can potentially unseat an extremely vulnerable conservative member of Congress and replace him with someone who truly represents progressive values.


On both Saturday (3/18) and Sunday (3/19), volunteers in support of John Sullivan for Congress (IL-03) will meet after 10am at Campaign Headquarters, 8943 S. Western, and then spread out, walking the "300 Top Precincts" in the District.

Call sheets are also available and can be sent by email for people who prefer to stay at home.  

For more info, email or call (708) 221-3328.  See also,

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