NC-11 Taylor Breaks Rules of Debate. Shuler Protests.

Here's my liveblogging of the Debate That Wasn't

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Matt Mittan of local station 570AM thanks other stations who are carrying the debate. Mittan explains that Shuler had an hour on the show on Wednesday and that Taylor appeared on Thursday. Heath Shuler is in the studio while Taylor, at 12:30, is in the studio at WHKP in Hendersonville. Mittan explains why he is out of compliance with the debate agreement.

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NC-11: Heath Shuler / Charles Taylor Debate Friday

AC-T's John Boyle:

"Congressman Charles Taylor and Democratic challenger Heath Shuler will debate this political season - on the radio.

It will be the first debate Taylor, an eight-term incumbent, has granted a debate since a televised exchange with Maggie Lauterer in 1994.

The men will face off against each other on Matt Mittan's talk show from 3 to 4 p.m. Friday on WWNC-News Radio 570 AM, according to News Director Jerri Jamison. The show will be simulcast on WMXF-1400 AM in Waynesville, which is also owned by Clear Channel Communications. The debate will also be Podcast through the radio station's Web site:"

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NC-11: WNCNN Season Finale - "Loser"

It's a bittersweet time for us here at WNCNN headquarters, as we have just wrapped production on our first season over the weekend. We are proud, and just a little misty, to present our Season Finale of God Fearin' News!

In this episode, Sally Love talks to an overly amorous political science professor with an interesting theory about the future of representative democracy, Nancy Pelosi visits the 11th District and reminds us once again that she's from California, a surprise dark-horse third-party candidate enters the Congressional race, and WNCNN gets ready for the big time as word gets out that they've been purchased by a major corporation!

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NC-11 Shuler endorsement, Taylor reversal

Charles Taylor foresaw the Iraq quagmire yet still sticks by George Bush's failed policy of "stay the course".

To intervene militarily might so weaken Iraq that it would be invaded and partitioned by its neighbors as soon as we left the country.  Such an event could involve the United States in an open ended commitment that would be a genuine quagmire in a part of the world that is rather alien to us.

See for yourself, in a letter he wrote and then call Congressman Taylor to find out why he changed his mind.

Be warned, Taylor will not stick by whatever he says.

That's why we need Heath Shuler for NC-11.

But don't take my word for it.  Heath Shuler was endorsed today by the Asheville Citizen Times:
Shuler offers hope for a new direction

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(NC-11) Apparently Voyeurism Is a "Mountain Value"

I saw something this morning that nearly made my eyes pop out of their sockets and definitely caused me to do a spit-take all over my monitor. Before I get into that, a quick note:

One of my favorite movies of all time is the political satire Being There. This film was one of many over the years that have used Asheville's very own Biltmore Estate as its location, and has become a very important and indelible part of our culture here in Western North Carolina. In one of his most memorable roles this side of Inspector Clouseau or Dr. Strangelove, Peter Sellers played the role of Chance the Gardener, a simple man who, through extremely twisted acts of fate, winds up rising to public prominence.

Our local congressman is Republican Charles Taylor. A WNC native, he's also over the last several years become a very important and indelible part of our culture.

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