Let's Stop Enabling The Bubbleholics.

The greatest asset bubble in world history was created through a combination of greed, cheap credit, ignorance and incompetence. As it was housing-based, it impacted every sector of our econonmy, from Wall Street to Main Street. Whereas middle class families used to share a car, cheap credit put three cars in the driveway, plus a Jet Ski and maybe a new pool in the backyard just for fun.

The companies that benefited most from the cheap credit and ignorance of Alan "The markets will police themselves" Greenspan are now the companies that are in the worst shape, floundering under the weight of debt, poor business practices and incompetence.

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Progressive Democrat Newsletter Issue 201

Feb. 12th was the 200th anniversary of Darwin's and Lincoln's births. Yes, two of the greatest men of the 19th century were born on the exact same day. This week I discuss the ideas of both great men.

I also want to draw people's attention to a recent Daily Kos article on climate change. It is clear that the Denial Lobby continues to use the same junk science and lies, but the science is getting better and better at refuting their denial.

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