Will Romney Win the GOP Nomination?

The search continues in the Republican party for the "Un-Romney". In a recent poll 20% of Republicans would not vote for Mitt Romney because of his religion and 70% of Romney voters could change their mind. Cenk Uygur discusses Romney's chances of winning the Republican nomination.


Nude Photo Trouble for Democratic Legislator

A Democratic New York state legislator is in hot water over naked pictures posted on a website.


Cenk Uygur at the General Strike in Oakland

Cenk Uygur, Host of The Young Turks reports from the General Strike in Oakland California.


Organizer Discusses Blocking the Oakland Port

Occupy Oakland protesters have blocked the Port of Oakland. Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks discusses the blockade with one of the organizers of Occupy Oakland about why they decided to block the port.


Cain's Evolving Story on Past Sexual Harassment Allegations

GOP Presidential candidate Herman Cain and his staff spent an awkward day settling on their response to a sunday Politico Article exposing sexual harassment charges brought against Mr Cain by two employees during his tenure as the CEO of the National Restaurant Association.



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