Body Count in the Next World Order

Much has been made of the American casualty count in our war in Iraq.  U.S. forces have suffered more than 2,300 deaths and over 17,000 wounded.  Some refer to these figures as the "horrible human price" of Operation Iraqi Freedom.  Others sneer at these numbers, and consider them a trifling compared to the casualty counts of earlier U.S. wars.

To a large extent, the debate over war casualties is moot.  Body count is seldom an accurate measure of success in war, nor is a low own force casualty rate a reason to support one.  You can have no casualties and still lose a war; you can have millions of casualties and still win.  Likewise, some wars justify millions of casualties and some wars don't justify a single one.  

There's a tendency for many military thinkers to compare World War II to all the wars that followed it.  In most cases, such analogies are flawed.  

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Glenn Reynolds is a liar or an idiot

GReynolds wrote "...that despite predictions  of 50,000 casualties in the initial invasion, three years later we're at less than 5% of that." Either GReynolds does not know that casualties means dead, injured and missing or he is intentionally deceiving- When he says 5% of 50,000- he probably means the 2,500 approx dead GIs- but he omits the nearly 20,000 injured (probably more if we count disabling psychological injuries)- now I have no idea where the original estimate came from and it may have been an exaggeration at one time; however we are now nearly half way to that number not counting Iraqi civilian dead.  This is irrefutable proof that GReynolds never served and does not know what he is talking about when it comes to military terminology.

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52 years ago, The French fell. the Story and Backyard KIA's

If you look on the left side column of The Political Dogfight you'll see a piece written by the brilliant, ground level historian Bernard Fall on the Viet Nam war and the climatic battle that drove the French from the country.  He was killed in that goddamn war when the US was there. Just another jounalist like so many that have fallen in Iraq.

This is a very personal Diary

Just this morning I see that over 10%, over 10% of our KIA [Killed in Action] have come from my own Camp Pendleton Marine Base, just 15 miles down the road and I fear more will die. Only one, just one, insurgent war in the 20th Century has been won by an outside force according to President Clinton.

I wish I could remember the one that was....I don't. 10% of our battle casualties and most of them drank a beer and raised hell in some bar in San Clemente I've probably been in years ago when I more or less lived there with a girlfriend.

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