Rating candidates

As I consider all the candidates, I find myself looking at various aspects of their candidacy.  I only consider the top three candidates to be truly viable.  In alphabetical order they are:


I have begun to consider attributes of each candidate that affect their getting elected and their execution of the office of president.  An attribute that might help someone be successful in getting elected will not necessarily help someone be a good president.  

I am an Obama supporter so I may be biased.  But I will try to be as objective as I can.

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Love Robo Calls? Then take control with the National Political Do Not Contact Registry

Did you know that according to the PEW Internet Life project 64% of American voters received "robo calls" during the 2006 election cycle?

Were you one of them?

Well, I was one of the 64% last year and I decided to found a non partisan non profit (501 C3) called Citizens for Civil Discourse (CCD).  

After being called at dinner with my family almost every evening by robo calls and person to person calls I said that enough is enough.

At the same time, many of my friends commented about the lack of "civil discourse" in the US.  We shout past each other without listening.

So I founded CCD:  so that you, the voter, can take control of the political discussion from the politicians.

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Really Disappointed in you,Democrats,really...

Yes disappointed.
 I guess I thought that this election  would be different. Democrats would be talking a storm about the issues ,the policies,the caring,the truth, the transparency ,and the  honest feeling that we don't care and will not care how much money a candidate will be raising because we care about the person and not the purse!

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The Androcles Plan for Iraq

Can we muster support for a modest plan for Iraq that would save some lives and expense out of the horrific mess?  Remember how Androcles ended the lion's suffering and saved his own life by removing the thorn?  We should follow the moral of the story:  remove the irritants!

Our troops could escort Iraqis to resettle in partition zones.  Iraq's US-sponsored government could be moved to an isolated, hardened US base. Other  countries, including our own, have moved their capitals! Give the Green Zone to Sunnis moving from east to west Baghdad. Let the remaining Iraqis assume the risk of  fighting or making peace. Turn our embassy into a hospital, orphanage and war memorial for all. U.S. military advisers should only remain in cities on condition that local militias are integrated into the local Iraqi police.

Most of our forces can be gotten out of  crossfire by redeployment to low population areas guarding Iraq's oil infrastructure west of its Iranian border. Surveillance of a demilitarized zone could allow refugees to return  but stop armed unit infiltration.

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Ask Republican Candidates : Could your daughter marry a Muslim?

Watching the debates this week, I particularly enjoyed seeing the candidates squirming on "impossible" questions (i.e. those which really have no optimal answer and could be used against you at a future date).  In the Democratic debate the question about English as the Official Language is a good example.  After hearing Giuliani, Romney et al tonight I thought of a particularly crippling question one could ask the Republicans :

"If your daughter was in love with a Muslim Arab, would you give your blessing to their marriage?"

Would be interested in hearing your thoughts on how they might respond to this.

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