The truth isn't a smear

Lately, I have been reading words like "right wing smear" in a context that frankly adds little value other than a misuse of a phrase.

As used here, it would render the phrase "rightwing smear" practically useless because it doesn't take into account veracity, misdirection or prejudice due to the weight of the issue being raised versus actual impact. And fo the two others- I would say with misdirection you need to be able to prove its a misdirection and of the prejudice it can't merely be a matter of your candidate looks bad, but instead its meant to make ALL DEMOCRATS look bad. Ethics in DC is  real issue. It doesn't matter if the GOP is worse here. It matters that we are trying to convince  the public that we aren't just marginally better, but actually better so they will vote for us for a generation.

Often times enough the logic, or lack there of, goes something like this: Rush Limbaugh says X. Because Rush Limbaugh is a vile rightwing nutzoid it's clear he's using X as a smear about ALL DEMOCRATS.  X however actually is true of Democrat Z. Democrat P uses that bit of truthful of information to differentiate himself from Democrat Z by saying I am not like Democrat Z. The argument here goes "well Democrat P is engaging in a right wing smear." Or worse yet, he's saying something against ALL DEMOCRATS.

Uh- no. The veracity of information isn't determined by whether Rush used that information or not. It certainly can not be off bounds or else we are limited in our conversations to those things that are  relevant and also never having ever been uttered by the right. See, the truth isn't a smear. You may not  want to hear that, but it isn't. It may have come from the rightwinger, but that's no excuse to pretend its a smear merely because of that reason. If that were true, then we aren't reality based at all.

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Warner and Pace are playing Politics

Senator Warner is asking that President Bush send a STRONG message to Iraq AND the American People. This war is NOT open ended, he says. He wants the President to announce on Sept 15th (note, he didn't say the General) that he plans to immediately (KEYWORD) WITHDRAW 5000 troops from Iraq.

To some this may be a repeat - but after General Pace's news came out - I felt the need to talk about it again.

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Barack Obama's Ace in the Hole

Cross-posted from DailyKos:

This weekend me and one hundred and sixty of my fellow Obama supporters were taught the secret to this campaign: us.  Barack Obama has, first and foremost, reinvested in our success, in our future.  And in turn, we have been taught to be better organizers, better leaders, better supporters, and perhaps, better people.  

I cannot stress enough how powerful this training was.  I feel empowered.  No other campaign has ever done anything like this.  Barack is pushing down responsibility, asking us to organize ourselves instead of waiting for instructions from the campaign.  We are organizing and creating support in a way that no other campaign has ever attempted.  We are drawing more small dollar supporters than any campaign ever has before.  We are the future.

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I'm an elitist

I'm an elistist. I know all democratic voices should be heard, but I came from tonight thinking- we need to limit this debate to only a few candidates per debate. It doesn't have to be the same candidates each time, but there needs to be more time given.

Here's the reality. Right now, we are getting sound bites. I support Edwards. I loved his sound bites. But, they were still sound bites.

So does this desire for longer answers make me an elitist? Over the last few years, I have begun to view a lot of things differently than I did in my 20s. I thought back then that everyone's opinion should be heard, and is equally valid. But, now I realize that they aren't.

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DailyKos Blocks Truth about Bilderberg candidates edwards gore clinton bush

BILDERBERG IS REAL however, at the dailykos they have censored me 2 times. This is because they are have members of Bilderberg they support. I hope you all read the truth.

see below that bilderberg is true and real and not a conspiracy theory. let us change the world. Let us vote in a non bilderberg candidate. Group derberg_attendees 56385.html

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