Top 50 Democrats for Congress

This is my view of the top 40 Democratic challengers for the House. There are other districts Democrats can win in 2008, but we need credible candidates.  This is in order of my perception of their ability to win.  I'm not an insider, so my perception could be wrong.  

Additions? Corrections? Disagreements? Comments?

Several of these candidates are facing primary challengers.  The name mentioned is the one I think would make the strongest candidate.

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Want to be our President? Prove it. Now.

To all Presidential Candidates.

   All of you at one time or another talk about doing something about easing poverty here in America, I offer you a way to prove your Presidential worthiness. I offer $8 Billion a year to cure poverty in America help our Veterans and help the environment. All you have to do is put up a million dollars. See,

We don't believe your campaign promises anymore.

Tom Canavan
The Benefactor

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IN-06 Barry Welsh Official Blog Debuts

The Barry A. Welsh For Congress  campaign today unveiled the new official blog on their website, located at The new blog will feature posts from the candidate himself as well as blog team members, communications staff and the occasional guest post from friends and allies of the campaign. The blog will be used to make regular posts with items of interest relating to the campaign, recent podcasts, interviews online and more.

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The credible Democratic candidates for Congress just keep coming

I know some of you here are down on the Congressional Democrats right now, but as much as we patriotically criticize the party leaders when we disagree with them, we shouldn't lose sight that we are far better off with more Democrats and less Republicans in Congress.

Anyway, here are 2 (maybe 3) more Democratic candidates who are running for Congress to possibly get excited by.

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Who Could Best Heal America

To be up front and honest, I am leaning toward supporting Barack Obama for President in 2008. Why you may ask? Out of all the other candidates (Democrat and Republican), I feel he would be the best person for the job during this time in our history.

While all the candidates claim that they are the ones that can bring the country back together, Senator Obama comes off as being the one that would actually enjoy doing just that.

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