IL-05 Primary Roundup Week 1

In Illinois, the first step for getting on the ballot is collecting signatures on one's nominating petitions.  a sub-element of this step is staying on the ballot, as four of the 14 democrats competing for Rahm Emanuel's Congressional seat have discovered.  The Cook County County Officers Electoral Board has set February 5th hearings for three of the cases (Charles Wheelan, Pete Dagher and Carlos Monteagudo) and continued the process for Roger Thompson.  College students connected to the Bryar campaign, Mary Scala and Rudolph Trejo ("son of a former 32nd Ward Democratic Organization precinct captain"), were the objectors for Wheelan, Thompson and Dagher; Thomas Root was the objector for Monteagudo.

The second step (in Illinois elections) is the ballot lottery for those who are first to file their nominating petitions (iow, are in line when the Clerk's office opens up for filing).  Charles Wheelan won the first ballot position.  The complete ballot order is here:

Charles J. Wheelan      DEM
Sara Feigenholtz     DEM
John A. Fritchey     DEM
Victor A. Forys     DEM
Pete Dagher     DEM
Jan H. Donatelli     DEM
Frank Annunzio     DEM
Carlos A. Monteagudo     DEM
Paul J. Bryar     DEM
Roger A. Thompson III     DEM
Tom Geoghegan     DEM
Cary Capparelli     DEM
Mike Quigley     DEM
Patrick J. O'Connor     DEM

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Ready...Set...Walk - A Candidate's diary

This is a cross post of a candidate diary at SquareState diary

By Anna Lord

The Anna Lord for House District 21 campaign began our 2008 walking campaign this weekend.

In 2006 my walk plan was to knock on the doors of Dems, unaffiliated voters and  households with a Republican woman under 50.  I wore a pedometer when I walked in 2006 and logged 115 miles before I lost it in October.

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How much have the Super Delegates been paid?

Someone sent me this link from Feb, 2008: 2008/02/obama-clinton-s.html

Back in Feb, Obama paid $694,000 to SD's campaigns vs. Hillary's payments to SD'S campaigns of $195,000.

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It's Not Too Late....

I implore all of you who have made up their minds to rethink their position and look at the reality of what is really happening to our country.  Let's look at the situation with a little clarity and bit more logic then we have been doing, let's take the emotion out of the equation and move toward rational thought and action.

Of the three candidates, not one is without serious issues.  Not one has a clear mandate to lead our country.  Beyond the simple Democrat or Republican issue, which of the three is really situated to be a true leader?  Is McCain the man of the hour, the person ready to take the reigns and guide us in a new direction?  Is Hillary the woman that we should be clamoring to support?  Or is Obama the great hope for America?  The answer is NO.  Not one of these self proclaimed saviors fits the bill of even a lack luster leader.  Why are we so anxious to elect the most mediocre and the least prepared?

A true leader brings the people together and creates common ground while caressing the differences toward his or hers ideals and goals.  The three we have to choose from are all reactionary in their approaches and offer nothing in the way of leadership.  There is no vision, there is no honesty and there is no integrity.  The blame for this falls directly on our shoulders and our inability to stand up for what is best for us.  We would rather associate with the average perhaps it makes us feel superior.  But with the average comes the mediocre and with the mediocre comes the inability to move beyond with creative and effective solutions.  

We need to be searching and promoting a LEADER not just someone who wants the Job.  Hell I want the Job, but that does not qualify me to lead.  I'm so tired of the excuses of so many that promote Hillary or Obama or McCain with the empty platitudes of change.  Nothing will change with these three; nothing will be accomplished but a continuation of the same.  Perhaps it is time for a third party option but then again only if that option contains a "real" leader, someone who most Americans can support.

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Ten reasons why your candidate sucks

Your candidate is the worst possible choice for the nomination.  Fortunately, your candidate will not be chosen as the nominee and here's why:

1.  Your candidate is a liar, everyone says so.

  1.  Your candidate does nothing but pander to the base.
  2.  Your candidate is not a real Democrat, more like republican-lite.
  3.  Your candidate, in spite of plenty of opportunity, has failed to win in all the states.
  4.  Your candidate will not be able to win over the superdelegates because they are smart enough to see right through your candidate.
  5.  Your candidate cannot possibly beat McCain in November because the independents will not vote for your candidate.
  6.  Because your candidate sucks I will vote for the republican in November if my candidate does not win the nomination
  7.  Your candidate does not connect with real people.
  8.  Your candidate's voting record sucks in the Senate.
  9. Your candidate has too many skeletans in the closet.

I guess that about sums it up.  I expect to get flamed royally by the sucky supporters of your sucky candidate but I hope I am defended by the excellent supporters of my excellent candidate.

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