Jan Schneider Petition Drive for U.S. Congress (D FL-13) - To Replace Katherine Harris

Thank you for your help online!

If you are not local to FL-13, kindly forward this to others you know who may be down here, or, who you think might "know folks... who may know folks" who are within FL-13 who might have interest. (MAP)

Please remember that all voters registered in FL-13 are eligible to sign a petition for Jan, including: DEMOCRATS, REPUBLICANS and INDEPENDENTS.

We've got a lot of feet down here 'pounding-the-pavement' (including Jan's) for getting petitions signed (in-person). This is always a daunting task. Figure the average age of our FL-13 feet.

You can use your personal 'web power' to help Jan achieve her petition goals sooner and more easily! Not to mention, make a bunch of devoted, yet pretty sore feet very happy!

Click here to view more and/or Print your own petition(s) for Jan right now!

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Blue Catapult has Successful Launch

I wanted to let the MyDD community know about the great Launch Party that Blue Catapult PAC had on Wednesday in Washington, DC.  The crowd that attended enjoyed great music from the DJs, snacks and a really nice bar.  The conversations were great as everybody was dertermined to overthrow the GOP from congressional control.

The generosity of those in attendance was tremendous and Blue Catapult PAC is now close to $2000 in contributions.  We will cut our first checks to our first adopted Democratic Challengers next week as we contribute to the Darcy Burner (WA-8), Eric Massa (NY-29) and Chris Carney (PA-10) campaigns.

Blue Catapult PAC then will take its next steps.  Over the next few months we want to: Get an ActBlue page so that we can get contributions over the Internet (if anyone can inform us as to the best way to do that, we would appreciate it); We will adopt more Democratic challengers to support through various fundraisers; and we are planning a national fundraising event for late Spring -- we are working out the details but will keep the MyDD community informed once it is close to ready. Keep going to www.bluecatapullt.com to stay updated on our activities.

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Why I no longer support Feingold -- the divorce.

After further review and agonizing soul-searching (which explains why I didn't write a diary yesterday), I have decided that I can no longer support Russ Feingold for President. I am well and truly beaten. I did not realize that a twice-divorced candidate would be such a big liability. I fear that it would be such a great liability that we would be beaten even worse than McGovern and Mondale did.

As much as we might agree with Feingold 100% on the issues, he is simply not electable. People want a candidate who represents America, and they would always go for the man who best represents their ideals. This includes having a traditional family. After all, if a man can't run his family, then how can he run this country?

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Why your vote counts -- John Conyers as House Judiciary Chair.

This is directed at anybody who thinks that their vote will not be important in the next election for whatever reason. It doesn't matter whether you are a Green disgusted at what you see as a lack of spine by the Democrats or a former Hackett supporter disgusted at what you see as an insular establishment who determines the candidates for Senate in smoke-filled backrooms. You are missing the key point as to why it is so important that you go to the polls and vote for a Democrat. You forget that a vote for a Democrat for Senate or the House is a vote for John Conyers as chair of the House Judiciary Committee.

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Democratic Challengers -- Help Us Choose!

Blue Catapult, a PAC created to support Democratic challengers running against Republican incumbents or running for open seats in 2006, is holding its Launch Event/Fundraiser on Wednesday March 8th in Washington DC (Go to www.bluecatapult.com for details if interested in joining us that night).

But what we need are suggestions as to the first 3 challengers we will support with both direct and bundled contributions.  So we would like the MYDD community to offer nominations.

Some guidelines:
1) We would prefer not to get involved in a serious primary battle, so nominate either unchallenged Dems in primaries or where there is an obvious favorite.

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