Gov. Strickland Puts His Money Where His Mouth Is

Ohio Governor Ted Strickland believes every Ohioan deserves quality health care. And Governor Strickland is willing to put his money where his mouth is.

Recently, The Columbus Dispatch ran a story noting that Strickland has declined employer-paid health insurance for himself and his wife Frances, since he was elected to Congress in 1992. Noted was his decision to switch to a health insurance plan offered Ohio state government workers and pay for the premium, at least $10,646 for him and Frances, out of his own pocket.

It is a principled stand that has cost him close to $100,000 since 1992. But Ted has done this because he believes that elected leaders would be more likely to support making sure everyone had health insurance coverage if they knew how much it actually cost by paying for it themselves.

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We're Looking for the Next Jon Tester

21st Century Democrats released our new2007-2008 candidate questionnaire today.

Here at 21st Century Democrats, we think too many organizations endorse candidates based on a checklist of surveys of incremental policies that won't do much to fix what is wrong in this country. Checklist questionnaires tell you if a candidate supports your issue, but they don't tell you whether a candidate is actually going to do something about it if they get elected.

Political strategists and consultants tell our candidates to support incremental policies which will not offend voters. The strategy is to play it safe and wait for Republicans to fail so badly that voters will elect Democrats. This is exactly what happened in 2006.

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What are you looking for in a President?

I have been wondering,as many of you have I'm sure ,which candidate is going to fill the President's shoes.

What are you looking for? Same qualities as Pres. Bush(!)..a bit more center or a bit more to the left...and what does all that mean anyway in today's terms.

About a year ago I was listening to the radio in my car and pulled over to write down - what are the character traits of a great leader. A professor of Moral Leadership from the Center of Ethics was speaking about the values our leaders should have.These were the character traits she mentioned:

-relationship skills(how well a leader can understand or relate to others problems)
-good listener
-sincerely apologize,when wrong
-share credit,take blame
-communication skills
-sharing the hardship with the "troops"(willing to do the work that they expect others to do),roll up their sleeves
-role model
-if placed under certain pressure will still stand behind the above character traits

Is this not what we ALL want in a leader?

I would like to know how your values ring right about now...
What are you looking for in a leader?
So next time you are all watching,listening,
reading about the Presidential candidates,try to look into the candidates a bit deeper, a bit closer and don't just pay attention to the surface media frenzy.
We have  right now a candidate who is ready to be our Leader.Watch carefully...

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Where Freedom Stands, So Does The RIght Candidate For The Job

Where Do They Stand?  Where Do I Stand...

The Vote.Com patability test

Candidate -Topic: War       Immigration   Jobs      Economics

Me              Leave Now    Restrict    More$  Restrain Imports






As far as health care, in an NPR interview with the Ambassador to France it was noted that France spends 10% of it's GDP on Health CARE (Not Coverage) and 100% of the people are covered.  We should just copy their system.  Entrusting our Homeowners and our Health security to the Insurance industry/shareholders and profits can only lead to the continuation of a system that fails to meet the citizens needs for care.  Also, bills like the one in Florida that have Medicaid cover illegal alien's hospital visits.  

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2008 united states president sdm usa us presidential election

I might be the first in history to be elected that i was a actual witness in the 911 attack and the democrats in the state ignored me,and in the barnstable complex in massachusetts they could be connected to fund cash for political purposes,on 911 i was hired a day prior by a afganistan owner disaters specalists near otis air force base i worked there two days at exit two in sandwich massachusetts he was on a massive hiring spree,later i was orderd to clean a dead mans house in chatham on 911,later i i contacted legal services of capecod 460 west main st hyannis massachusetts 02601 about rapes of my daughter dss report,later that very agency convinced my wife to get a divorce in wich one of the people i reconized in the office at disasters spealists as they denied me legal help but repesented her for free and i mean free,later as the rape trial was comming up the stepson who was accused away in the miltary army only because the wife at the time said it was him and my daughter was told to be quit about it by the wife was let off because it sounded like a woman at trial and she had before we met as the second wife here and my daughter a stepwife to her was involved prior in brewster massachusets in a case 1993 same thing happened we met 1994 as i lived on roosevelt ln plymouth at the time and then moved to exit two sandwich and the judge kicked me out just before the rape trial paid off i think and a day after the stepson committed two 209a orders i was making flyers at the time to be governor of massachusetts on printer the wife was upset,later i met a girl being thrown out of the house she said she worked at the kennedy compound and reported to a mr wilson there and later she said she saw jfk jr the day before he died as she was ordered to get bags out of his car isabel her son was in volved with barnstable complex charges it was a acident what happened but later 560 crimes was committed on me by the complex the rapest chrged me 4 times the democrat attorney generals office would not help even in the gubernatorial race in which i was a candidate the police that worked for the democrats office the judges made rediculas moves in the case like the wife stated she knew what was happening molest and later stated yes the stepson innocent well that means it was her dur,and acted like they where on the right side like right sure thing buddy,and ignored the facts garmet bag and sword in wich matched my miltary records sword,and later never even had a licence to get to the campaign events by the actual rapest and later charged by being sick by the way they kicked me out and went back to cure my mental health to my house with 300,000 in equity and was charged by the da and sent to 460 west main st hyannis cape human services where the phsycologist told me there to shut up about me daughters rapes and stated she had the power to put any one away in the gubernatorial race and i was forced to pay out all this cash to courts and the office 460 west main st hyannis and intervined in my job to make money too,the democrat  attorney generals office and police did nothing but ran when the rapest cryed wolf in which was a lie and lies well when im president these facts will be proved and you can see them know im the only one that would ever figure this out remember by being in diffrent places and events and she maintains custody of my son with no visitations thats a hole another crime all together 7 days before the election but what im trying to say if any one comes close to figure out what there doing on the take they kill them my friend william galvin the secretary of states nephew charged numerouse times and me by a rapest for politcal purposes becaus e i helped microcom where they invented the module that linked computer to telephone in the 80s norwood massachusetts rt 1 the inevntion of the internet and where afraid i could win because im smart and have good looks and great credentials but they needed to nail me so i could be eaten up by the media and took the rapest lies and ran with it,and they could also be funding bin laden as the dont forget there family is in boston,there alot of cash that goes thru there and funding the democrat party also why else does the attorney general dont help rape judges crimes and da crimes because a little later they cut a deal with a drug enforcement officer in sandwich same town and sent him to 460 west main st hyannis the same class i went too so we all agree the cash goes there back to the judges and the democrats office one ashburton place boston and police that are controlled by the democrats office are told not to help me help submit this case to washsington dc 1600 pennsylvania ave nw its my only means of comminications at this point by computer i was open before but they used some kind of weird phsycology with hypnosis to make me less open and social it happened when i went there in the gubernatorial race when i was a candidate,and think my friend was nailed too all of them the more the nail too the less candidates too thats why we lost half the people in the state and the case is i had a rape trial a divorce a crime related exspenses and a district case and a gubernatorial race all at the same time and the da had the very same rape case in his hands the one that charged me but was freinds with mrs white and the other members in the state house and attorney generals office and two lawyers miss repesented me big time one said look for the sword in the proceeding how would she know it was there,the second stole 5000 from me and signed a restraining order as i fought with the lawyer i did not want too in wich is right near the state house that was referred by the bar ascoc there is some thing severly wrong in this entire matter and the scary thing about this its all true

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