Rules Chair Louise Slaughter Knows How to Negotiate

All year -- literally all year -- we've know the difference between a good bill and a bad bill would come down to who had the leverage going into Conference Committee.

Unfortunately, too many Democrats have decided to cave before Conference is even named.

So Rules Chair Louise Slaughter decided to put on a little demonstration of Political Negotiation 101 for all the WATB who are turning and running at the key moment in negotiations.

Representative Slaughter took to CNN with an op-ed designed to get the path to a good bill back on track. This, ladies and gentleman, is how you negotiate:

The Senate health care bill is not worthy of the historic vote that the House took a month ago.
Supporters of the weak Senate bill say "just pass it -- any bill is better than no bill."

I strongly disagree -- a conference report is unlikely to sufficiently bridge the gap between these two very different bills.

It's time that we draw the line on this weak bill and ask the Senate to go back to the drawing board. The American people deserve at least that.

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