Rezko dollars: Obama, Kerry, Jackson, Durbin

Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) is not the only politician to have received campaign finance money from Antoin "Tony" Rezko.

According to Federal Election Commission records, Sens. John F. Kerry (D-Mass.), Jesse L. Jackson, Jr. (D-Ill.), and Dick Durbin (R-Ill.), who have all endorsed Sen. Obama, also received campaign contributions directly from Obama's political patron "Tony" Rezko.

Sen. Dick Durbin - $1,250

Sen. John F. Kerry - $1,000

Barack Obama - $1,000

Barack Obama - $500

Barack Obama - $10,500

Sen. John F. Kerry - $2,000 for presidential primary
Sen. Jesse L. Jackson, Jr. - $2,000

And, yes, there are more recipients, including George W. Bush, but then he's not running for office right now and it's too soon for a presidential pardon.


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Lobbyists Love Hillary

Hillary Clinton dwarfs her Democrat and Republican rivals in endorsements from registered K street lobbyists.  Listed below are the lobbyists who have declared their support for Clinton, along with the companies they represent.

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AdAge article - will there be burnout? And why the need for $$$?

There's an interesting article today in AdAge entitled "Too Soon? Two-Year Prez Race Could Lead to Marketing Miscues, Burnout" 59

Two excellent quotes:

"I think the current process of spending an entire year running in order to spend an entire year running in order to get sworn in in January 2009 is stupid." - Newt Gingrich

"If you assigned the task of developing a political system to an insane asylum, this is what they would come up with." - Larry Sabato

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Pelosi's party costs $7,500 to join

Yesterday, I suggested that Pelosi does irony.

Now, I'm not quite so sure.

From the Posttoday:

Mark your calendars! The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee's first invite of the new year is to a "Swearing In Brunch and Celebration Concert" honoring Speaker-elect Nancy Pelosi on Jan. 4...

The concert at the National Building Museum features Tony Bennett, Carole King and Wyclef Jean. Should be a most excellent show, though perhaps not worth each PAC's $15,000 "requested contribution" for two tickets.

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Netroots Candidates, Contributions and... Tom DeLay?

I'm really not much of an electoral fanatic; I tend to focus on issues and leave the nuts and bolts of the election process to people like Bowers and Kos.  But I remembered something I'd seen last year when I was on a tear over Tom DeLay, and I suddenly realized how potentially relevant and helpful it could be in the next few weeks.

Think you can find the connection between John Courage, Paul Hodes, Jerry McNerney and Tom DeLay?  (Hint: Pombo, Smith, Bass)

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