CT-04 Pub Quiz Part Deux

`Tis the season to support Jim Himes, share a drink with you fellow Democrats, and show off your mad trivia skillz.

What: That's right.  It's time for another end of quarter blograiser.  You don't have to be a trivia whiz - just have a good sense of humor, an interest in history, politics, or current events, and a strong desire to work for better leadership in Washington by electing Jim Himes to Congress.

Our September event was attended by over 60 people and raised over $4500 for the the Himes campaign. Relive the magic at the official liveblog thread, including a play by play of the game and plenty of pictures.

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Late Night Open Thread

Looks like the position of Iraqi Information Minister has finally been filled...

This is an open thread.

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CT-04: Chris Shays, the New Iraqi Information Minister

(Cross-posted at MyLeftNutmeg.)

The Congressman has a new day job.

Enjoy more of the wit and wisdom of the original Iraqi Information Minister, aka Baghdad Bob.  Check out Shays' Democratic opponent, who is raising money competitively.

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CT-04: Jim Himes

On Friday Todd posted about Chris Shays' latest Iraq flip-flop.  It wasn't the first and it won't be the last attempt to muddy the waters of where he stands on Iraq.  In 2006 Shays did a bang up job of making it seem like he was to the left of challenger Diane Farrell when it came to ending the war.  I did some phone banking in the 4th and it still amazes me how many people truly believed that Chris Shays (and Joe Lieberman) would end the war and bring the troops home

Once the election was over Shays went right back to being his usual hawkish self.  What's changed?  Both Ways Shays now has a formidable opponent in Jim Himes.  This week Himes responded to Shays' ever changing position via YouTube.

Shays is back to his old tricks, but Jim Himes and and Democrats in the 4th have been there and done that.  We're not going to allow this absurd political theater to continue.  The War in Iraq isn't a game used to score political points against your opponent.  Every time Shays' position changes we'll be there to call him on his inconsistencies.

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CT-04: Both Ways Shays Strikes Again

MyLeftNutmeg has the latest of Shays's flips on Iraq, from his appearance on Newshour Tuesday night. Guess what, everyone...

The surge is working...It's a huge success! It astonishes me why people aren't willing to at least acknowledge the successes and then talk about what we do.

This just a week after he confessed:

The other part is the odds the new plan in Baghdad will work. If you had asked me two years ago, I would have said three out of four, if you ask me now, I think it is one out of four.

So, post-surge, success in Iraq is LESS likely than pre-surge. And that's his idea of success? And this is the same guy who in the same breath announced...

What we now need to do is think of our Plan B, which could be to take our troops and put them on the borders and let the Sunnis and Shias fight it out.

Shays has made it very clear that he "supports" a timetable for withdrawal. He's made this clear since at least last August when, umm, what was it...oh yeah, he was in a tight re-election fight. And of course, his muddying the waters worked. But not once this year has Shays put his votes where his mouth is. He's in favor of a timetable so long as he doesn't have to vote on one.

No wonder Keith annointed Shays the distinct honor of second worst person in the world.

Lucky for us, we have a great candidate this year in Jim Himes. Throw him some support over at ActBlue if you can.

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