America is Cool Again

    Not since the early sixties has America so epitomized the notion of cool in the world as we do today. What began as a fist bump on the primary trail has reached a national shout-out before both chambers of Congress. The Obamas in the White House has once again provided the world with the desire to be a part of America and part of the cool that they perceive America to be. Whether it's the pop star reception of Hillary Clinton in Asia or the talk around European capitals the buzz is unmistakable. The thing about the Kennedy administration that many have forgotten was that they had style and exuded cool to not only Americans but to the world. They made other people in the world want to be American and if they couldn't be American to immolate American style and coolness.

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Today is Obama Day

I believe that Today Obama will win my state. All politics is local they say, Georgia will be a big plus for Obama.

Alot of people have come here for the sun. Atlanta is a beautiful city. I think we're going to lead today, as we did when we were one of the first signers of the American constitution.

There is a huge appeal here in the south for this man.

South Carolina was no fluke. Obama has strong appeal here, and In California. Taking these states, could easily mean taking the contest. Winning three or more states today is a big victory for an underdog to the clinton machine and for change. Real. Change.

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Edwards Takes All the Fun Out of Imported Mystery Food

I'm adventurous when it comes to different cuisines. I love to experiment with different, unknown and improperly labeled food items from other countries. So what if they occasionally contain lead and yummy industrial additives? It looks like that spoilsport John Edwards wants to take all the fun out of my gustatory Russian roulette. Can you believe the nerve of that guy? Imagine wanting our food supplies to be safe!

Today, Edwards introduced plans to take the thrill out of eating something from overseas that might be poisonous, giving your child that shiny new lead painted toy from China, or shining up those pearly whites with tainted toothpaste.

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