Could Congress flip?

Lost in the McCain bounce is a surge in GOP support on the Congressional generic polls.

The latest CNN poll has the Democratic lead down to 3%, at 49-46.  Admittedly, there's no recent previous poll, but the Dems lead was at 54-44 in June.

And there's the USA Today/Gallup polls which has the Reublicans up by five among LVs, 50-45%.  While that may be an outlier, the picture is less rosy for Democrats.  We're seeing tighter Senate races in Alaska, Colorado and New Hampshire.  Some House polls aren't so great either, with PA-04, PA-10 and PA-11 at risk.

It maybe Independents are giving the GOP another look downballot also.  McCain's "reform" message is targeting Congressional Democrats also.  The "temple" ad just isn't an anti-Obama ad, it's an anti-Democrat ad.

Thoughts appreciated.

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[UPDATED] Breaking: Jack Cafferty's wife died.

short post

Breaking: Jack Cafferty's wife died.

This is very sad, i give my best wishes to her family

God Bless, Carol Cafferty.

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McCain Spokesman OWNED by Cambell Brown

Cambell Brown took on McCain spokesman Tucker Bounds tonight in a wonderful piece.  This was not a random supporter who was stumped (as Hannity has found from the Obama camp) this was an official supporter placed on TV to speak for McCain.

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Unity Against A Common Enemy

Ok, I had the opportunity yesterday to watch the convention speeches and Hillary on the webstream...unedited, uncensored, no talking heads. After Hillary's speech, the sense of dread that had consumed me the past few weeks was gone and I soundly went to sleep...finally at close to 6:00 in the morning.

I woke up thinking "we're a party again." I texted my brother and told him to get back to work. He had become less enthused about working for Obama since his run ins with PUMA. I told him Hillary has spoken, now go out and make Obama's case.

My excitement was one I hadn't felt since before the Iowa caucuses...but as soon as I went on my daily news skimming, I felt my excitement crash to the ground

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Hillary Sucks Up To Bloggers

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