Shocker! CNN finally gets it right on ACORN (w/UPDATES)

"...this is looking like a fraud committed against ACORN."

That was the conclusion of investigative reporter Drew Griffin (who we are told "broke" the ACORN story) on a CNN Truth Squad report this afternoon. The segment on This Week in Politics opened with host Tom Foreman skeptically questioning McCain's assertion, during the debate, that we are facing a threat to the very "fabric of democracy." Drew Griffin then laid out the facts.

I don't get to write this very often, but CNN is actually cutting through Republican spin and getting the story right.

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What happened to Bill Bennett?

A weird thing on CNN's post debate coverage. The first comments after Blitzer and Cooper delivered their summary came from Bill Bennett. He reminded us that he had been unhappy with McCain's previous performances, but exuberantly proclaimed McCain the winner of this debate. They went to Paul Begala who gave a less enthusiastic nod to Obama, pointing out that McCain again came across as angry. Then they went to David Gergen who argued for reasons I don't remember that Obama won. The reason I don't remember is that I was distracted by Bennet's rather pronounced head shaking and sarcastic grimacing.

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CNN's pernicious headline

I am no fan of the MSM, but I was genuinely astonished when I logged into CNN a few minutes ago and read this headline:

"Obama in position to steal Virginia from GOP" irginia.battleground/index.html

The story itself is not a bad one, relating the changing demographics and economic realities that make it  possible that Obama will be the first democrat in nearly 1/2 a century to take VA's electoral votes.  But the headline is insidious.

Republicans consistently use the myth of pervasive voter fraud as an excuse for rules and laws designed to suppress the franchise.  

Lori Minnite, a professor of Political Science at Barnard College and a senior fellow at Demos, outlined the suppressive effects of a DOJ initiative to prosecute fraud, in light of her extensive research which shows that in reality there is little evidence of voter fraud in US elections.  Typically, what is prosecuted as voter fraud is the result of individual voter misunderstanding. (you can read this testimony at

Using this headline plays into the worst Republican stereotypes of Obama as the corrupt Chicago politician.  I encourage everyone to spread the word and contact CNN and encourage them to change the headline to one that more accurately reflects the story's contact ("Obama in a position to capture VA"?).

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CNN State Polls Confirm This Morning's Q-Polls

When I can find the words to describe this, I'll have more to write. But for now, here are the [latest CNN battleground polls. I do not have a link yet.

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Wolf Blizter, memory problem or just does not care?

After watching "Late Edition" today, I have decided that Wolf Blitzer is either the worst interviewer on TV or has a true medical memory issue.  Blitzer is incapable of getting people to answer specific questions, even when his producers give him great tools (video clips to support the question). I'm not sure if this is a result of lack of curiosity or a degrading memory.  

Today, Wolf Blitzer goes through the effort of showing the "two" John McCains.  

The first clip shows McCain saying that Mayors and Governer are the most qualified for national office because they know the people and their needs.  

The second clip shows McCain saying Mitt Romney would need on the job training and that a short stint as Mayor or Govner does not prepare one for the presidency.  

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