9/11 Truth Calling Oprah!

CNN SHOW BIZ TONIGHT CANCELLED ED ASNER'S APPEARANCE...no more 9/11 talk!  Big surprise.  Here's the only way to go:

9/11 Truth Calling Oprah!
An Appeal from TvNewsLIES.org

For more than five years now, the entire mainstream corporate news media apparatus has been controlled by a handful of behind-the-scene power brokers.  In all that time there has been a total blackout on any mention, never mind discussion, of the truth behind the events of 9/11.

Despite their credibility and expertise, high-powered and extremely convincing voices of truth have been denied access to the public via the mainstream media.  In the years following the attacks of 9/11, a significant number of knowledgeable people have attempted to alert the nation about the mountain of evidence that has been unearthed by their investigations, and which shoots large holes in the `official' version of events sold to an unsuspecting and unquestioning public.

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Sick of CNN, FOX and other Right Wing Shill Networks

They continue Politicizing any event for the Bush administration.  I am sick and tired of their lack of respect and dignity.

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Arizona experiences "Largest immigrant smuggling raid in U.S. history"





The Masterminds Behind The IP Protect Act Bring You The "Ten Strikes Bill"; YouTube Will Be Illegal


Isn't YouTube great? Better enjoy it while you can folks, because if this bill passes it won't exist in any recognizable form. The same big business lobbyists who masterminded the Internet Blacklist Bill are back. To be exact this bill (S. 978) will make it a felony crime to stream copyrighted content, like music in the background of a YouTube video, or a news clip, <a href="http://www.techdirt.com/articles/20110601/01515014500/senators-want-to-put-people-jail-embedding-youtube-videos.shtml">TechDirt points out you could even go to jail for posting a video of your friends singing Karaoke:</a>


<blockquote>The entertainment industry is freaking out about sites that embed and stream infringing content, and want law enforcement to put people in jail over it, rather than filing civil lawsuits.... We already pointed to one possibility: that people embedding YouTube videos could face five years in jail. Now, others are pointing out that it could also put kids who lip sync to popular songs, and post the resulting videos on YouTube, in jail as well.</blockquote>


And here's the kicker, this new felony would hold criminal penalties worse than the crime of child molestation: 5-10 years in prison.


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