Kucinich Unflappable As Media Tries To Spin Impeachment

As the media did their best Tuesday to ignore Dennis Kucinich's push to bring the impeachment of Dick Cheney to a vote (CNN didn't even have a story accesible on their website), they opted to go on the offensive yesterday, by attempting to frame it as a marginal and pointless position. As Dave Lindorff wrote:

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POLL: Katie Couric -- Lapdog or Watchdog?

Check out this new video from MoveOn, and take the poll...

Katie Couric Repeats Bush Talking Points

Strong watchdog journalism is when reporters ask tough questions, dig to the bottom of stories, and report the truth to the public. Lapdog journalism is, well, just see the media coverage in advance of the Iraq war.

If any members of the media are watching this, what do you think of Couric's reporting from Iraq?

Why TV and Radio Journalists Can't Be Like Murrow Anymore

No it's not your imagination, the media does suck, and here's why. With some action you can take. - Todd

It's a fact: Media conglomerates' labor practices are harming the quality of TV and radio news.

A CBS television newswriter says: "We take a lot of stuff from 'Entertainment Tonight.' We watch it at 6:30 and decide what to use."

Most Americans still get their news from "old media" like newspapers, TV and radio. There's concern about how Rupert Murdoch will gut the Wall St. Journal when he gets his hands on it.  MSNBC Anchor Mika Brzezinski recently tried to burn a script on air in frustration over being asked to lead the day's news with a story about Paris Hilton rather than Richard Lugar's declaration that Bush's Iraq strategy is failing. Who can we trust to tell us what's really going on? Now, a new study of broadcast journalists from the Writers Guild of America, East (WGAE) gives an inside look at how the media conglomerates are destroying broadcast news quality with the same tactics other big companies are using against their workers. Replacing full-time newswriters with part-timers and temps, cutting staff and resources, and requiring more and more "multi-tasking" in the newsroom, equals bad news for the public. Literally.

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