Is Sunday Morning Talk Show Apartheid: Really Gone?

Is "Sunday Morning Apartheid gone? Is there still a very clear division, an exclusion of blacks to a large degree on Sunday Morning Talk shows? Is America still a nation involved in " Sunday Morning Apartheid" or is Felicia Lee at New York Times right when she wrote, "Like the Candidates, TV's Political Pundits Show Signs of Diversity? 08/04/is-sunday-morning-talk-show-aparth eid.html

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Obama agrees to debate on first night of Passover, Clinton doesn't

Can someone explain this?  Why would Barack Obama agree to debate on the first night of a Jewish holiday when religious Jews, like myself, will not have a single television set on in the house?

CBS should truly be ashamed of themselves.  I just saw this from the New York Times:

When two more Democratic debates were announced this month, both Senators Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama quickly accepted the invitation to meet in Pennsylvania on April 16.

But Mrs. Clinton, unlike Mr. Obama, has not yet agreed to participate in a North Carolina debate on April 19.

That debate, sponsored by CBS News, would be the first opportunity for Katie Couric to perform hosting duties. And if it happens, it will highlight the importance of North Carolina, whose primary will be held May 6. Mr. Obama is favored to win there.

Phil Singer, a spokesman for Mrs. Clinton, hedged when asked about the debate in a conference call with reporters Friday, blaming a "scheduling conflict" and promising an answer in "a couple of weeks."

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The Good Qualities of Hillary Rodham Clinton [UPDATE] Video Now Showing!!!

Hillary really does have 35 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE, regardless of what anyone says. Hillary, albeit not a perfect person, has a various good qualities (which I believe are in every human being), that are often overlooked because of irrational hatred or flawed impressions. I was use the "For the Record" segment played on CBS, to bring these good qualities of Senator Clinton to light.

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Karl Rove's connections to the imprisonment of former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman

As many of you may know, former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman was convicted in 2006 on corruption charges, and he was sentenced to seven years in prison. However, even prior to this case, there is growing evidence that not only was this case contrived on political motives, but also part of a concerted effort to discredit him long before this case. This Sunday, CBS will air a 60 Minutes special showing how far Karl Rove went to discredit him in favor of one of his political allies, current Alabama Governor Bob Riley. Please read, recommend, and take action--more political indictments from the GOP are reportedly scheduled to take place in Alabama following the 60 Minutes special!

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New NY Times CBS Poll: HRC Runs Most Positive Campaign

According to the NY Times/CBS Poll out today, voters view HRC as running the most positive campaign. Seven in 10 DEM primary voters said HRC spent more time explaining, 4 times the number than attacking.

Interesting poll considering what has been said around here and other blogs all year long regarding HRC's divisiveness and negativity. You have been proven wrong once again. HRC is the most Positive Candidate.

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