Lara Logan Treated Just Like Any Other Rape Victim

The fallout over the sexual attacks and violent abuse of journalist Lara Logan continues apace. Several pusillanimous stateside journalists and pundits – who no doubt would go jelly-kneed on a quiet day as a war correspondent hanging out at the bullet-riddled revetment – felt compelled to tell Logan, “Well, it’s your own damn fault! What the hell were you doing in a huge crowd of wannabe Muslim terrorists anyway?”

Um, she would be covering the news – just like men and just like dozens of other women. Just like – oh God, I hate to say this – Fox News reporters. Going into danger is what war correspondents do. They do it so the folks back home have information. It’s the nature of their jobs and because of it you terrorist-trembling wussies get to know at least some of what’s going on in the world outside the Rush Limbaugh/Sean Hannity Faux Terrordome.

Journalists in general have a bad rep these days. Some of it deserved, much of it not so much. Even covering the local election for the local waste district board is cause to call out the reporter from the Podunk Post as a slanted, biased asshat, despite the very words he reported appearing on the ubiquitous video machine for all to see. Being any kind of reporter is a thankless job and despite the whining of all the ideologists, an essential part of keeping democracy democratic.

War journalists have a tougher job. No matter how hard they try, it’s difficult to stay objective when they’re lied to a hundred times a day, getting their ass shot off, or suddenly finding themselves alone in a rampaging crowd.

It’s true Logan was in a place most sane people wouldn’t voluntarily be in. However, she was working for you – directly for you. Without her and her colleagues some of you couldn’t be as voluntarily and selectively stupid as you are now. Even those who care about what happens in the world would be flying blind – and that’s not good for anyone.

It would be a good and moral thing to at least treat her like any other human being who’s been attacked deserves. Give her support, or at the very least, STF up about it.

And don’t blame the ‘media’ for reporting her story to keep it alive either. It’s a valid story in its own right, having zero to do with her attractiveness, and should be reported to highlight just how bad conditions in war-torn countries can be.

Now is the time for the fraidy-frickin’ cats to drop their cowardly attacks on a woman who has gone through hell and back. They should treat her just like any other sexually and physically assaulted woman…or man.

Here’s to hoping the same misfortune doesn’t steamroll you one day.

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Why Is CBS Lying About Climate Change?

People wonder why traditional media sources are failing. And while there are lots of reasons, one of them is that well, the product they are providing is, how does one say this, crap.

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Walter Cronkite Dead at Age 92

A CBS executive says retired CBS anchorman Walter Cronkite, "the most trusted man in America," has died at his home in New York. He was 92. CBS vice president Linda Mason says Cronkite died at 7:42 p.m. EDT after a long illness with his family by his side.

I am old enough to remember the news reports with the nightly body count. He left an indelible impression on my life and I mourn his passing. Mr. Cronkite represented an integrity in journalism rarely found today.

Below the fold the text of Walter Cronkite's "We Are Mired in a Stalemate" Report of February 27th, 1968.

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Heartfelt Story In Iowa

On November 20th Mr. Don Ketchum was attending the last of the Jackson Browne and Bonnie Raitt Concerts in Iowa benefiting John Edwards, but before the music started Mr. Ketchum's heart stopped beating, and he was rushed to Mercy Medical Center in Des Moines.    

That night John Edwards went to visit Mr. Ketchum in his hospital bed.  He came to find out how Mr. Ketchum was and to offer emotional support to his sister.

I think it was very nice of JRE to take time out to visit him, instead of going on to another campaign stop.  This is why I support JRE because he is a very caring person and felt that it was very important to be there.

Mr. Ketchum recovered to the point where he could attend a John  Edwards event in Des Moines earlier today.

If you'd like to read the full story, here's the link. politics/horserace/entry3562311.shtml

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The Clintons Play The Blame Game

Bill Clinton is now taking blame for the Hillary failed universal health care plan.  Hillary wants to take credit for working on the plan, but not for the failure of the plan.  It seems like Hillary is not responsible for any of her mistakes.  Hillary voted to give the authority for Bush to go to war with Iraq, but blames Bush because he lied, but does not take any responsibility on herself.  Hillary now has her husband Bill taking responsibility for her failed universal health care plan.

Let's see, Hillary blames Russert for asking evil questions to her in the last debate for why she did not do as well in it, than she blamed the other democrtic candidates because they are men, and so they are evil.  Than she had her husband blame it on the yes or no answers they were asked.  

You know, I don't blame Hillary, I have a hard time taking blame myself.  It is something you just have to learn and be able to suck it up.  It has taken me years to take blame when I do something wrong.  It doesn't look like Hillary will ever learn to take blame.  So, if she is president, anything she does wrong will be blamed on somebody else.  Who does that remind you of?  It reminds me of Bush who plays the no blame game. 9/politics/main3478248.shtml?source=RSSa ttr=Politics_3478248

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