Net Neutrality Amendment Debate Beginning Now 11-11 Tie

I can't get the audio stream for some reason, but if you can and want to listen you can listen here. Argh.

Update: The Senate streaming services has crawled to a halt. I'm told that the debate is extremely muddled, with lots of weird misinformation (see the comments on this post for some examples of what the Senators are saying). Stevens is being very aggressive, and Snowe and Dorgan are holding their own.

Ensign is calling the amendment a 'poison pill'. Dorgan, Boxer and Kerry are doing extremely well.

UPDATE: The Senate Commerce Committee tied 11-11 on Snowe-Dorgan, with a very contentious debate. Snowe and all the Democrats were on our side. The amendment dies in a tie, but the Dems held, which is great.

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Focus on the Family's New Advertisements

Focus on the Family will air advertisements in 13 states in an attempt to pressure Senators who have opposed or have expressed opposition to the federal Marriage Protection Amendment.  Here is Focus on the Family's list of advertisements and the Senators they plan to target:

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A List of My Favorite Politicians

I'm wondering who you like and why.  Here's my list of favorite politicians, though it's by no means comprehensive.  These are all people that I think are courageous and smart about wielding power, as well as interested in pushing the progressive populist agenda forward in their own way.

Deval Patrick, candidate for Governor of Massachusetts.  Deval is simply awesome.  He's smart, honest, a risk-taker, credible, progressive and a fighter.  His campaign is the most innovative state-wide campaign this cycle (with possible competition from Connecticut), and he's turning out to be competitive against a very strong Massachusetts machine using an organizing base tied into the web.  As one savvy Boston-based political consultant told me, Deval is the most exciting thing to happen to Massachusetts politics in over 20 years.  I agree.  His opponents are good people, but they just don't hold a candle to Patrick.  He will be a transformative force in American politics and government for 20 years if he wins.

Runners Up
Eliot Spitzer, Attorney General and gubernatorial candidate in New York
Bernie Sanders, Congressman from Vermont and Senate candidate
Jerry Nadler, Congressman from New York
Barbara Boxer, Senator from California
Ned Lamont, candidate for Senate in Connecticut
Ed Markey, Congressman from Massachusetts and potential candidate for Senate in Massachusetts in 2008
John Edwards, former Senator from North Carolina, former Vice Presidential candidate
Jerry Meek, Chairman of the North Carolina Democratic Party
Kent Conrad, Senator from North Dakota

Runners Up, Second Tier
Chris Bell, former Congressman from Texas and current gubernatorial candidate
Nancy Pelosi, Congresswoman from San Francisco (I know this is a shocker)
Bob Menendez, Senator from New Jersey
Ron Wyden, Senator from Oregon
Louise Slaughter, Congresswoman from New York
Byron Dorgan, Senator from North Dakota

I also enjoyed meeting Robert Rodriguez, a smart 29 year old challenging a corrupt and doddering old Republican in California's 25th district.  It's a tough district, but it's great the Democratic party is fielding such talent all over the place.

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