Horse Racing

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For your business

E-mail and Internet use are integral parts of the typical worker's daily routine. Because of its speed and overall convenience, e-mail has replaced the interoffice memorandum as the preferred method of communication. Employee access to the Internet also is important as a means of conducting job-related research and transactions.

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How Walmart Contributes to the Recession

The Wal-Mart apologists like to point to the retailer's prices as an example of saving Americans money, but in reality, Wal-Mart is an emblem of the debt economy in the early 2000's.  The company bought cheap Chinese crap and sold it to Americans on credit.  It's a disgusting and unfortunate evolution of the American economy.

To make matters worse, Wal-Mart is now laying off 1,000's of employees, most recently in Columbus.  Now I know that no retailer is immune from the recession, but the way in which Wal-Mart treats American workers is particularly disturbing.  They streamroll local economies, force mom-and-pop out of business, bust unions and then fire workers at their whim.

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14,000 Americans Now Losing Health Insurance Every Day, Study Shows

Study URLs: sues/2009/02/pdf/health_care_crisis.pdf sues/2009/02/pdf/HealthCareinCrisisChart s.pdf

As many as 14,000 Americans are now losing health coverage each day, acording to a recent study released by the Center for American Progress.

Many Americans did not have any health insurance even before the recession began. During the six years of the last economic expansion, the number of uninsured Americans grew by 7 million, reaching 46 million in 2007.

Job and Health Insurance Losses

That number is almost certainly much higher today because the economy has lost 3.6 million jobs since the start of 2008. A one percentage point rise in the national unemployment rate causes 2.4 million people to lose employer-sponsored health coverage, according to Urban Institute researchers. Of these people, 1 million rely on Medicaid or the Children's Health Insurance Program and 1.1 million end up uninsured.

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Victory? Wal-Mart Workers Unionize in Canada

I have some potentially great news.

Per Bloomberg:

Workers at a Wal-Mart Stores Inc. outlet in Canada will be represented by a union after more than four years of legal challenges by the retailer, the United Food and Commercial Workers said.

The Saskatchewan Labour Relations Board granted union status yesterday to workers at a store in Weyburn, Saskatchewan, the group said in a statement today.

If this standing holds, this is very good news.  We've got momentum and are chipping away at Wal-Mart union-busting policies one store at time.

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