Effective jobloss under the Bush Economy: Unemployment rose from 4% (2000) to 5.1% (2005)

Raybin's FPed MLW post says: In a nutshell, the Bush economy has created 4.5 million jobs.

What that figure doesn't take into account is the increase in employment-ready population. When we do that, there was an effective job loss of 1.9 million during the 5+ years under the current administration.

Update [2006-2-8 14:11:22 by NeuvoLiberal]:

  1. btower over at MLW posted excellent graphs in my crosspost over there. Here is one of those graphs that plots official unemployment rate and the so-called U6 unemployment rate. Please visit the link above for btower's further explanation:

  2. GreyHawk at dKos cited this diary Unemployment Deception in this regard.

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Beware the Ides of March

War across the entire Middle East will boil over by March 15th, if you don't stop it. Yes, you.

You, me, everybody.  It's crunch time.  There are enough pressure points to force the White House to act now to take America into a wider war.  They can't afford to wait for the summer or fall.  The mad men and women in the White House wholeheartedly believe that they have no choice but to launch a regional war in the Middle East by the middle of March, by bombing Iran.  They must, to save their mission to establish the American Empire.

If you have other plans for America than endless war, you need to help derail any attack on Iran in the coming six weeks, because the game's afoot.  It's got the green light.  Bush is going smiting again if we don't all stand up and say no.

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