ACTION: We're Falling Behind!

I'm proud to be organizing online for the Kansas Democratic Party!

Kansas Democrats have always had the advantage in online organizing. Terrific Democrats like former Governor Kathleen Sebelius and current House candidate Sean Tevis have put Kansas politics on the map with their innovative online tactics. It's been an important advantage over the years.


But now, the Sam Brownback-led Republican Party is getting ready to nominate the most conservative slate of candidates in years and they're starting to gain on us online.

We can't let that happen. That's why we need your help to launch a cutting edge website that will empower Kansas Democrats to organize online.

he "50 State Strategy" has been crucial to our success nationwide in the last two cycles. Forcing Republicans to compete everywhere helps our efforts in blue states, red states, and all those in between. Not to forget, it also gives Democrats in red states an opportunity for victory and an opportunity to lead. As we've seen before, it can change the dynamics of local politics.

Kansas is no different and 2010 is important. We have a chance to take out an incumbent freshman Congresswoman, retain the Governors office, battle it out in an open Senate and multiple Congressional races, and build on our recent success in the Kansas House of Representatives.

We need to maintain our competitive advantage online and a state of the art of website is the first step.

Below is the email we just blasted out to our list. We'd appreciate your support in this effort.

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Office to combat Homosexuality & Abortion

Although it sure does sounds like some brand new cabinet level department that the Bush Administration is trying to create it was in reality an office that was created by the NAZI's back in the 1930's. The so called Social Conservatives which make up a very large part of the Republican Party Base are just as obsessed with Abortion and Homosexuality as the NAZI's were. I personally find the parallels quite eerie. The NAZI's also claimed to be a pro-life party and they used family values imagery as well as rhetoric to garner support. If a woman had an abortion in NAZI Germany should could be sentenced to death. The Religious Rights agenda is similar to that of the NAZI's when it comes to Abortion and Gays.


NAZI Heinrich Himmler and NEO-CON Karl Heinz Roverer *A/K/A Karl Rove
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Hitchens: Karl Rove an Atheist

Cross posted at Democratic Courage blog.

According to ex-liberal neo-con Bush administration buddy Christopher Hitchens, Karl Rove is an atheist. Here's an excerpt from his interview with  New York magazine's Boris Kachka:

Has anyone in the Bush administration confided in you about being an atheist?
Well, I don't talk that much to them--maybe people think I do. I know something which is known to few but is not a secret. Karl Rove is not a believer, and he doesn't shout it from the rooftops, but when asked, he answers quite honestly. I think the way he puts it is, "I'm not fortunate enough to be a person of faith."

What must Bush make of that?
I think it's false to say that the president acts as if he believes he has God's instructions. Compared to Jimmy Carter, he's nowhere. He's a Methodist, having joined his wife's church in the end. He also claims that Jesus got him off the demon drink. He doesn't believe it. His wife said, "If you don't stop, I'm leaving and I'm taking the kids." You can say that you got help from Jesus if you want, but that's just a polite way of putting it in Texas.

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We Need the Best Candidates -- Sam Brownback is One

Many of my liberal friends are struggling over who they support for the 2008 Presidential nomination.  My conservative friends are facing the same conundrum.

The Democrats

Many progressives dislike Hillary Clinton for the same reasons as my conservative friends.  She's too poll driven.  She sticks her finger to the wind and announces her stand based on her political windsock.  The issue that my liberal friends cite the most, however, is her continuing support of the war in Iraq.

Of course my conservative friends don't view this as a negative, but they have other reasons for disliking Senator Clinton.  I'll leave these reasons up to your imagination.  I'm sure you are probably aware of most of them.

It seems the Democrats and their supporters are having the same problems they had back in 2004 when they unwisely ran Senator Kerry against a much maligned and weakened President Bush.  Will the Democrat party nominate another Presidential candidate with high negatives?  I don't know.  Actually, I wish them well and all the luck in the world.

I think it would be good for America if the two major parties would put up a genuine liberal and a true conservative candidate against each other for a healthy battle of our respective ideologies.

So far, this doesn't seem to be the case.  And we are all worse off for it.

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Republican Prezzie Hopefuls Should Fire Their Finance Teams

UPDATE: Romney updated his site within 24 hours, but I still haven't got an email, thank you card, or call from the Romney campaign. Frankly, that's just bad manners. Strike two.

Cross posted at The Buckeye State Blog...

Cruising around presidential exploratory websites tonight, I noticed something interesting: the Republican prezzie hopefuls are all morons. No seriously, they're about as stupid as you can get, follow me here.

These exploratory/presidential website donor pages have $2,100 listed as the max amount any individual candidate can give:

Tom Tancredo (R)
John McCain (R)
Guiliani (R)
Mitt Romney (R)
Sam Brownback (R)
Duncan Hunter (R)
Ron Paul (R)

Problem is...that'd be cool if we were partying like it were 2006, but on January 1st caps were raised to $2,300 (they raise every two years due to inflation). Just kinda interesting none of the GOP movers and shakers campaigns are organized well enough to even ask for the full amount - leaving money on the table is a cardinal sin in politics. If these guys don't have finance directors that are competent enough to ask for the full $bling$, Republicans are going to be in trouble. GOP faithful reading this blog, I'd get on the horn to your boys.

It's funny too...all of the big names on the DEM side got it right:
Hillary Clinton (D)
Barack Obama (D)
John Edwards (D)
Bill Richardson (D)

I mean I'm not complaining...GOP donors, feel free to keep giving $200 shy from what you're allowed to shill out for your team.

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