New Website Chronicles NW PA Congressman's Transgressions

An interesting article in the Sharon (PA) Herald refers to the web site recently funded by Steve Porter, who unsuccessfully challenged the morally challenged Phil English in the PA-3 Congressional election last month. herald/homepage/ ml?keyword=leadpicturestory
The web site can be found at

The site succeeds where the Northwestern PA media has largely failed: in pointing out English's persistent failure to effectively represent this district, by repeatedly supporting the Bush anti-worker agenda has crippled this economically depressed district.

Phil's transgressions, which are detailed on the site, include his fifth rank in all of Congress in the acceptance of privately funded travel, totaling $181,000.  This included a trip to Saipan, an American territory described as a cesspool of prostitution, abortion, and textile sweatshops by Connie Chung in a May 1999 20/20 episode with Tom DeLay and Jack Abramoff.  It seems that Mr. English is ardently anti-abortion, unless that abortion is forced on a Saipan sweatshop worker.  

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Reprinted from The Satirical Political Report

And you thought Lou Reed had captured real debauchery:

Mark Foley came from Miami, F.L.A.
"Pork-barreled" his way across the USA
E-mailed some pages on the way
Sought teenage sex and then he was an "ex"
He says, Hey son
Take a walk on the wild side
Said, Hey Junior
Take a walk on the wild side

Abramoff came, from, the Reservation
In the backroom, backstabbing Choctaw Nation
But he never lost his head
Even when, busted by the feds
He says, Hey Congress
Take a walk on the perp side
Said, Hey Ney
Take a walk on the perp side
And the Black Caucus goes
doo, doo doo, doo doo, doo doo doo doo ...


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Yesterday, I sent this email to a good friend who is a Repubican:

"What's with your guys lately?

A casino cocktail waitress told police a drunken U.S. Rep. Jim Gibbons grabbed her, shoved her against a wall and threatened her in a Las Vegas parking garage after she rebuffed his advances at a restaurant Friday night."

He responded with the following:

"Democrats getting desperate circulate false stories. Remember Democrats are the original dirty politicians."

Here's how I responded:

You're right.  Democrats do make up stories about Republican politicians.  For example, I am a Democrat, and I made up a something about a Republican politician.  It's embedded somewhere in these true stories about real Republican politicians.  See if you can spot the one I made up.  C'mon, it will be fun!  

There have been thousands of true stories told about crooked Republicans, so my made up story may be hard to find.  To keep everyone motivated, I'll give $25 to the political campaign of the choice of the first person that correctly identifies what I made up about Republicans.

Two members of Congress, both Republicans, have pled guilty to corruption charges-- one from Ohio and the other from California.  At least the one from California had the courtesy to step down from Congress when he pled guilty.  The other one from Ohio has pled guilty to corruption charges, but he hasn't stepped down yet and is still in Congress!  Sheesh, you mean to tell me this person's only mission in life is to collect a salary for being a crooked Republican politician?  You have to admire that.  

The Speaker of the House is under suspicion--there are many witnesses, some of them Republicans-- that he covered up Mark Foley's pediphilia and child molestation.  There is no doubt that Mark Foley sexually harassed kids.  There are other Republicans, besides Dennis Hastert, in the House that knew about Foley's behavior and did nothing.  

The former Speaker of the House, Republican Tom Delay, has been indicted for laundering money, so he could get more Republicans elected in Texas, so he could gerrymander Texas, so they could elect more Republicans to the House of Representatives, so they could hold a thin majority, so they could do really stupid things, like spend like drunken sailors on shore leave (my apologies to the Navy; this is not a fair analogy at all) and put us into serious debt with the Chinese.  

Sheesh, that's two Speakers in a row.  That's historic.

The chief fund-raiser and lobbyist for the Republicans, Jack Abramoff, has been indicted for defrauding Indian Tribes of millions and millions of dollars.  Some of these tribes consisted of desperately poor and powerless people.  Some of them had small casino's closed down by Republicans in Congress, who took Abramoff money.  These millionaires threw desperately poor Indians out of work to earn a buck.  

Grover Norquist, the Godfather of the Republican Party--the man who tried to get FDR taken off the dime in favor of Reagan--has been implicated in several scandals, including helping Abramoff launder Indian money, so that it would look like conservative Christians were donating money to close down gambling at Indian Tribes, but in reality the money was coming from other Indian Tribes--that's right the competition.  The competition wanted to close down other locations, from poorer rival tribes.  Oh yeah, Grover Norquist's wife, who was hired as a procurement officer by the Department of the Interior, has now been implicated in a corruption scheme.

There is a Republican Congressman in Pennsylvania, whose wife denies that her husband ever choked his mistress and has demanded that her husband's challenger, a Democrat, stop talking about how her husband choked his mistress.  How weird is that?  Sheet!  Not even Hilary was humiliated this much.  Oh, well, you don't believe me?  So here's the washingTON POST!  (read it like, so Here isssssss Johhhhhny! It sounds better.) tent/article/2006/10/19/AR2006101901621. html

There is another Republican Congressman in Pennsylvania, whose daughter's offices were raided by the FBI just last week--an FBI controlled by Republicans--because the Congressman is suspected of using his daughter to accept kickbacks from lobbyists.  Have you guessed his name?  That's right Curt Weldon!  Very good!  Well, that one was for real and I created a link for the last one, which if you check you will know the last one is for real.

Then there is Richard Pombo (R CA), who paid for his families' summer vacation--a four week long trek in an RV across America's parklands--with TAX PAYERS $!  Pombo  is the head of a federal Congressional committee on federal park land.  Ironically, Pombo has tried to eliminate many of our federal parks.  Commenting on his summer vacation, Pombo was overheard to say,  "Hey!  If youze gonna git rid of em, mize well see em first!" Sheesh there is more.  It turns out that Pombo is connected to Jack Abramoff and there's other creepy stuff at my/term/98.  

Then, there are other Republican Congressmen, who are under investigation involving bribery charges relating to the Ambramoff scandal.  Who knows how many are involved.  Do you think that with all those millions Abramoff only corrupted a few of them?

So, if you are the first person to respond with the correct answer, I will donate $25.00 to the congressional candidate of your choice.   C'mooooooon proooooogresives.  Don't let me down!

How to apply for the Great Republican Corruption Give Away:  Be the first person to reply to this email with the correct answer or be the first person to post a comment to my diary, "The Great Republican Corruption Give Away" at with the correct answer.

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Bob Ney Says Nay to Resigning

BURNT TOAST to Rep. Bob Ney (R-Ohio), who "pleaded guilty to corruption charges Friday but said he would not immediately resign" his seat in the U.S. House of Representatives.  Apparently, the only thing smaller than the man's name is his good sense and integrity.  He says yea to accepting bribes from Jack Abramoff but nay to stepping down from the elected office that he has shamed.  What a horse's patoot!  more...

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Ney Pleads Guilty, But Remains on Congressional Salary

Only under this Republican Congress, this unethical and morally bankrupt Republican Congress.

Today Congressman Bob Ney, Republican of Ohio, went before a court and admitted guilt to charges related to his connections with disgraced former GOP superlobbyist Jack Abramoff. According to the AP's Pete Yost, "Ney pleaded guilty to conspiracy and making false statements" and "acknowledged taking money, gifts and favors in return for official actions on behalf of Abramoff and his clients."

Yet despite the fact that Ney has effectively defrauded his constituents, and indeed all Americans, through the actions for which he pleaded guilty and admitted culpability, he nonetheless is still a member of Congress and is still receiving a paycheck from the federal government for his service. In fact, Ney has no plans to resign from his position immediately, but rather step down "in the next few weeks."

The ultimate responsibility for this situation lies on Denny Hastert, the Republican Speaker of the House. Just as Hastert allowed Mark Foley to continue to serve in leadership and as chairman of the House Caucus on Missing and Abused Children even after it was widely known (even apparently in his office) that Foley had made inappropriate advances to underage House pages, so too has Hastert allowed Ney to remain in Congress both after he informally admitted wrongdoing through the announcement of a plea arrangement and then even today as Ney officially pleaded guilty.

Given the fact that Rep. Ney apparently still refuses to resign from Congress and give up his government salary, the only acceptable response at this juncture is for Speaker Hastert to call the House into order and quickly commence expulsion hearings. The entire House should be able to expedite the proceedings and have Ney out of the House in a matter of hours or perhaps days instead of a matter of weeks. If Hastert is unwilling to take a decisive action to show both members of Congress and the American people that malfeasance inside the Capitol will not be tolerated then Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi should publicly demand he do so.

Update [2006-10-13 12:28:54 by Jonathan Singer]: It appears that Congressional leaders are doing just that: "Ney did not immediately resign from Congress, and within minutes, Republican and Democratic leaders vowed to expel him unless he steps down."

If these reports are true and both Republican and Democratic leaders are threatening expulsion, then good for them. But it is still too long in coming. Ney had admitted guilt long ago when he reached a plea agreement with prosecutors and had Speaker Hastert actually cared about running a clean House of Representatives, he would have taken this action then.

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