Matt Blunt and Deval Patrick - what novice bring to you

I wish Clinton has some people checking over these sites. I have been saying for a long while that it is not that Obama's borrowing Patrick's words that is important. It is the similarity between their background, their inexperience, and their way of fooling people with rhetoric that should matter. Deval Patrick should have been used as an example that words without action are meaningless. Deval Patrick should serve as a primary example that why voting for rhetoric is a dangerous business.

If using Deval patrick is too much a gample given his racial background, Hillary should have hit with Matt Blunt's inexperience, especially when she was campaigning in MO. You can take a chance in inexperience but at this time of peril, do you really want to do that?

It is laughable that a surrogate of Obama could not cite a single legislative achievement of Obama's. You have to ask yourself how many people are getting into the fashionable worship of Obama without knowing anything about him rather than he is susposedly a good speaker and he inspires? People, do you really need to be inspired to do things? Do you really need a savior?

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Scott Eckersley and Matt "baby" Blunt: there's a lawsuit in here somewhere

I wonder if there was a settlement conference that didn't go so well.

I read this item....

Suit alleges illegal destruction of state e-mails
By Jo Mannies

...The suit includes allegations about a meeting convened last summer by Blunt's general counsel at the time, Henry Herschel. At the meeting, the suit contends, Herschel told lawyers for all departments under the governor that e-mails about state business "would not have to be turned over in response to Sunshine Law requests if they were destroyed and not retained."

The suit also contends that Blunt's chief of staff at the time, Ed Martin, ordered all staff members to make sure they were deleting e-mails. Martin and other top Blunt aides also are accused of orchestrating the destruction of the state's computer backup system for such e-mails.

...then found this:

I called the office of the filing attorney in Springfield, but he was out. Then I contacted a few other sources and found out that the lawsuit was on file at the Jackson County Court Annex in Independence. I decided to drive there to get a copy.

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Governor Rankings: Only a few competitive races

Few people are paying attention to the 14 gubernatorial races that will be decided in the next 15 months (3 are happening this fall, and the 11 remaining are set for 2008). Yet, these contests will play a major role in deciding who holds control of Congress in the next decade: The governors who will be elected in those 14 states will hold control of redistricting after the next census, and each party wants to be ready for maximal gerrymandering in 2011.

With that in mind, let's rank these races, from the most vulnerable to turnover to the one where the incumbent party feels the safest. It immediately appears that very few of these races are likely to be contested at all, especially the ones that will be decided in 2008. Democrats and Republicans will swap Louisiana and Kentucky this fall, and then fight in only  two-three states next year. A stark contrast to the 2006 cycle.

The first 4 races are listed after the jump. The full rankings and detailed descriptions of all 14 races is available here, on

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