Winograd Wins Again--Westside LA Dems Endorse

Marcy Winograd has done it again.  Another lopsided endorsement from a local Democratic club, this time 54 to 19 from the powerhouse West Los Angeles ("Westside") Democratic Club.

Maybe Hamran thought this would stop, if she stopped sending surrogates, and actually showed up herself.  Maybe Harman thought this would stop if she reinvented herself as a Bush critic. Maybe Harman thought this would stop, after she used the insiders privilege to gain the state party endorsement at the state convention.  But it hasn't turned out that way, as club after club has continued endorsing Winograd.  The importance of this development is huge, and goes far beyond this single race, important as it is.  It's about challenging the very nature of the top-down power structures in the party.  And, of course, no one is more aware of this than Marcy Winograd herself.  It's not just her race.  It's our race.

Campaign press release and Winograd's statement on the flip.

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Marcy Winograd Challenges Blue Dog Jane Harman's Seat

I don't know the district or anything about the politics here, but it seems interesting - Matt

I just found out today that Marcy Winograd, President of Progressive Democrats of Los Angeles, has stepped up to challenge conservative Blue Dog Democrat Jane Harman in the Democratic Primary for the 36th Congressional District in California.

Not only is Harman pro-war, as Ranking Member on the House Intelligence Committee, she was one of those briefed on the illegal NSA spying.  She is fully complicit in a wide range of Bush Administration policies, and can only credibly criticize him on narrow tactical grounds at best.

In contrast, Winograd's website,  says:

As a congresswoman, Marcy would immediately join the "Out of Iraq" caucus in Congress, vote to defund the war, and lobby to spend the war billions on social programs for education, health care, housing and the environment. "The best intelligence, the most effective defense against terrorism," says Winograd, "is to craft a sound foreign policy and build strong social networks that unite, rather than divide, the world community. Pre-emptive wars that kill and maim thousands of innocent Americans and Iraqis will only create more terrorists and undermine our security. It is time for a new vision and a new leader in the 36th Congressional District."

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