MD-01: Why Frank Kratovil Can Get to Congress With Your Help

When incumbent GOP Representative Wayne Gilchrest lost his primary to a "Club for Growth" backed extremist, Maryland's First Congressional District became competitive -- and with help, could actually favor the Democratic candidate, Frank Kratovil.  When Blue Catapult PAC held an event for Frank, we learned that not only is he a great candidate, but that the dynamics of the district make it ripe for a Democratic pickup.

Why can MD-01 turn Blue?

    Frank is a Great Candidate. He is the current State's Attorney for Queen Anne's County, and he is in court in the morning and campaigns later in the day. Unlike his opponent, he is a native of Maryland's Eastern Shore, which comprises about half the voters and are very protective of their congressional representation. Frank is a lifelong Democrat and was President of Maryland Young Democrats when he was younger. He is outspoken against the War and supports a sane fiscal policy.

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MD01: Help Frank Kratovil Tonight in DC w/ Mikulski & Cardin

Frank Kratovil is the Democrat running for the seat currently held by GOP moderate Wayne Gilchrest who lost his primary. The current GOP nominee, Andy Harris, is an extreme right-wing, Club for Growth backed candidate who had hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on his behalf. Frank is a great candidate who is a solid Democrat -- and with support can definitely win this district.

Tonight (Tuesday, May 13) Blue Catapult PAC and WNDC Pac will cohost a fundraiser for Frank Kratovil.  We are asking for minimum contributions of $35 -- with the open wine/beer bar and food, it is a great deal.  Plus Senators Barbara Mikulski and Ben Cardin are expected to join us after votes.

Tuesday, May 13
6:30PM to 8:00PM
at the Woman's National Democratic Club
1526 New Hampshire Ave, NW
Washington, DC 200036
On the corner of Q Street and New Hampshire Ave, NW--about 3 blocks east of the DuPont Circle North Metro Exit

If you might attend, please email frankevent [at]

If you can't come, please consider a contribution to Frank's campaign here: forkratovil

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Help us Choose Congressional Candidates

Our PAC, Blue Catapult, is holding its first fundraiser next Tuesday in Washington, DC.  We support Democratic congressional candidates who are challenging incumbent Republicans or Republican-held open seats.  The idea is that incumbents should do well on their own in raising money, but if we want to expand the Democrats' majority in Congress, then we need to help emerging Democratic challengers in their campaigns.

So we need some help right now in identifying good Democratic challengers, and we are hoping that you can provide some nominations.  Here are our criteria:

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September 18th: Fifty Days, Fifty Bucks

Monday, September 18th will mark 50 days to go before the election.  While Democratic challengers have done an excellent job of raising money for the most part, they are still well under-funded when compared to the Republicans they are running against.  Plus we are already seeing the beginnings of 3rd party funding for ads by right-wing groups, the RNC and the NRCC that will probably dwarf the campaign budgets of most Democratic congressional candidates.  While the national polls show good news for the Democrats, the Republican onslaught is coming.

So what is it worth to try to help the Democrats get their message out, or to counter the coming attacks?  How about a dollar a day?  My suggestion is to send $50 to a Democratic candidate, a Democratic PAC, or some other Democratic fund of your choice.  It will be your down-payment on the rest of the campaign season and also get funds to candidates before the all-important September 30th reporting deadline.

Maybe you have one candidate you really want to see win and want to focus your $50 there.  If you want to try to help a number of candidates you may decide to give to a multi-candidate PAC (If you choose this option please consider the PAC I am involved with, Blue Catapult at  Maybe you want to spread your $50 around, and if so, the netroots ActBlue page would probably be a good resource.

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Meeting Eric Massa

I met Eric Massa yesterday.  A 24 year veteran of the Navy, Massa is running in an upstate NY district that is beset with economic problems.  It traditionally leans a bit to the right, but there is a deep rage there against the status quo that suggests that incumbent Republican Randy Kuhl is vulnerable.  Kuhl, you'll remember, is a first-term Congressman who is famous for pulling a shotgun on his wife.  He's not well-liked in district, but he has lots of money.  If we're going to take Kurl out, the first reelection campaign is when it's going to happen.

I liked Massa.  His plan on Iraq is 'out is better than in', and 'sooner is better than later'.  And he has first-hand knowledge of what it's like to pull out of that part of the world, since he was in Desert Storm.  He told me it took 18 months to 2 years to pull out of that one, and that's without people shooting at the military.  On the other hand, Massa recognized that the 'I want a pony' punditocracy which is always demanding a plan from Democrats has it wrong.  I'm paraphrasing here but what Massa said is that it doesn't matter if Democrats in Congress have a plan, since Bush is still in charge of executing and he will screw it up.  The only thing Democrats can do is win in 2006 and stop Bush from screwing it up worse.  I liked that honesty.  He also said that oil is our number one national security problem, which to true and suggests a larger vision.

There was a lot more to it than that.  Massa is a new politician, but he's a good one.  So far, he doesn't have that much cash on hand, but the institutional spigots are starting to open as people realize Kuhl is vulnerable.  Massa blogs every Sunday on a bunch of blogs (including MyDD), and he says he'll keep doing it when he gets to Congress because it helps him communicate with more people and stay in touch.  

Anyway, that's not a huge write-up, but I didn't want to just let this meeting go by without mentioning it here.  Kos has a longer and better one, which you can check out.

The bottom line for me is that Massa is a leader, and we need some damn leaders in Congress.

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