Keep Fighting! We're On The Cusp of a Landslide.

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I believe this election is on the cusp of becoming a landslide for Obama, and I believe that's why the McCain campaign panicked and chose Palin at the last minute without vetting her.

We keep seeing diaries with the latest Gallup, Rasmussen, CBS, etc polling showing a tightening or expanding race. But one thing I have not seen anyone do yet is put this in historical perspective.

Once you do that, you see just how strong Obama is in this election cycle, and why the republicans are so dispirited and downtrodden.

This, more than any other election in my 31 years, is ours to lose. We MUST keep fighting, not only to win, but to utterly decimate the republican party nationwide.

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November BLOWOUT Very Possible ! Republicans/Clintonistas Agree

From Politico, to ABC yesterday, CNN today, & the NY Daily News Sunday edition. Finally, the mainstream media is starting to forecast what millions of Clintonistas have been saying this entire primary season. 8/10585.html

Now that we pretty much have a nominee in Sen. Barack Obama, many in the MSM can now report what more than half of all registered democrats have been saying for the past 6 months.

By the way, this is Totally Unacceptable. A damaged and weakened Republican party with historical record high disapproval ratings still winning the Presidential race in November.

The Old Liberal Democrat party elders should be held fully accountable if this should occur in November. To annoint a nominee that received less registered democratic votes will have big repercussions if our party goes down in defeat in November.

Especially when All Accounts show that the "woman" democrat would defeat the Republican McCain by winning a landslide 300+ electoral votes.

Instead, what is ABC,CNN,Politico, & NY Daily news reporting?

" Sen. John McCain could win in November by an electoral college blowout. It would be a huge Republican Presidential win. Much bigger than the 35 electoral margin that carried President Bush over Kerry in 2004. It would mark a return to the 80's  formula. While Democrats do well in local House races & increase their margins, we would once again lose the national race."

This is a very heavy price to pay of the sake of making racial history. Too big a price for the next 4 years.

By late October, please do not be surprised when John McCain is polling at 300 - 320 electoral votes.

Having a close national popular vote means nothing. Absolutely nothing. City after city, urban area after urban area can come out in record numbers in November. All that will do is keep the Chicago Democrat competitive in the popular vote.

But the only one that matters, the Electoral votes will be a totally different picture.

This should be the finally straw at the credibility of many so called " Left of Center netroots leaders" like Kos.

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With Obama, its a BLOWOUT either way

I am now in total agreement with several major political pundits like Dee Dee Myers, Pat Buchanan, Al Hunt, & Dick Morris regarding the GE chances of Sen. Barack Obama as the Democratic nominee in November.

First of all, Democrats as a party go into November 2008 with a big advantage never seen by either party since Reagan in 1984.

In fact, any other conventional democratic candidate whether Dodd, Biden, H. Clinton, Clark, Bayh, Edwards, Gore & even Kerry would be "HEAVILY" favored to win it all in November 2008.

Worse Economy, Worse war since Vietnam, worse Gas Prices since the 70's, highest foreclosures & job losses in two decades.

Its an Almost Perfect Scenario for the political opposition. In this case, the democrats.

This is probably as sure as any democrat will ever get. As close to Reagan's win over Mondale.

But will all that said, it looks like the democratic party has decided to go with the "Most Unconvention Candidate" ever in U.S. presidential history.

These pundits have said.... Make No Mistake about it....

With Obama as the Democratic nominee...

This Presidential election for 2008 with Obama as the nominee  would turn this race into a REFERENDUM on Barack Obama. ( Most voters unless you're a die hard Bush Republican have already made their own conclusions about the failure of the Bush Presidency)

With the Unconventional Indentity wrapped politics of Obama, the only question for November is if american voters would vote for a candidate who is virtually unknown,untested, very little experience, an african-american liberal with an unsual name Barack Hussein Obama, but offers a Brand New promise of a New Kind of politics & hope.

Or, do they go with the safe, traditional candidate in the old, very experienced, independent minded John McCain.

It does not matter if you are a die hard Obama fan. One thing every democrat can agree on is the Obama candidacy in November would without a doubt be the "Highest Risk" taken of any democratic candidate in our bench.

Why take the risky candidate & gamble when we are heavily favored to win ? I don't know. Don't ask me why. Ask Nancy Pelosi &  Ted Kennedy.

Why Most Risky? Well, the obvious...

a) Very Thin Resume ( even thinner than George W. Bush)
b) to his uncommon non-western name of Barack Hussein Obama
c) to his roots of growing up with a father & step father who are muslim ( with the U.S. being at war with two muslim nations)
d) to his Race as an African-American
e) to his less explored past since he is virtually a rookie in the national political stage

Can he win in November? Oh Absolutely ! Any candidate that Democrats field in November will have a fair shot at winning it all. The odds are just simply stacked against the GOP today.

But can he also lose ? Oh extremely possible! Can he end up losing by a big margin particularly in the Electoral college? Of course, very very possible.

Since Obama will be an unconventional candidate never seen before, anything unconventional happening is very possible.

See, with the conventional democratic candidates, this November will be Much More about the Bush Record & the Republican Party. The GOP will be at the defensive.

But with Obama, this election will be much more about Barack Obama himself rather than McCain or Bush.

Most if not all americans know who McCain is. Millions of americans have seen & followed him over the many years of his service.

The prediction that I have is in agreement with the pundits I mentioned above :

Obama will either win Big across america & carry not only blue states but  carry states like Iowa, Colorado, Virginia, & Missouri.


Obama will lose by an electoral landslide in November. He would lose even traditional Blue states like PA,NJ,NH,MA combined with being swept om battleground states like OH,FL,NM,NV,IA,WI,MN,CO.

It would be either a blowout win or a blowout loss with Obama as the head of the ticket.

It would either be a Bill Clinton 1996 type of electoral college victory  or a 1988 Michael Dukakis type of electoral massive landslide defeat.

This won't be a close electoral college election either way.

Either places like NJ,PA,MA,,MO,NM, NH,IA,CO,VA All go for Obama on election night & we celebrate the biggest victory for Democrats in many decades OR we just Paid the Most Expensive Price ever as a political party for the sake of making history by nominating the 1st black person.

Either way, our party will never be the same again after the 2008 Sen. Obama show.

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