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New Intellectual Property Bill in Senate is a Direct Threat to Blogging

On the day we when bloggers have "officially" become bigtime and mainstream, the Senate is crafting a bill that could lead to our untimely demise. The Record Industry Association of America, already more than a quarter century into its attempt to destroy music through draconian intellectual property laws, has now allied with Orin Hatch in an attempt to destroy all technology:The Senate Judiciary Committee will consider a bill Thursday that would hold technology companies liable for any product they make that encourages people to steal copyright materials.(...)

"We think this is a recipe for disaster for the Internet," said Markham Erickson, general counsel for NetCoalition, a public policy group that represents Internet companies like Google, Yahoo and Internet service providers. "The bill as it is currently drafted is extremely broad and not entirely clear. It would, at a minimum, undermine the Sony Betamax decision."

In the Betamax decision, the Supreme Court ruled that any technology that people use for legal purposes would be legal -- even if the device could be used for illegal purposes, like content piracy. Because of the ruling, the consumer electronics industry and Hollywood went on to develop a thriving market in home video and DVDs.

"This takes an objective standard and replaces it with a subjective one that allows a copyright holder to try and determine the intent of a company when producing a product," Erickson said. "It's not outside the realm of possibility that you would be placing the entertainment industry in charge of technological innovation if this law were passed."

In addition to its widespread impact throughout the technology sector, this law could potentially be used to sue several existing blogger platforms, including moveable type and typepad, out of existence. Don't think for a minute that large media conglomerates wouldn't at least entertain the thought of putting their new competitors, on both the right and left, out of business.

Update: Contact your Senators about this bill. It is called the Inducing Infringement of Copyrights Act, and is Senate Bill 2560.

The blog arrives

We all have our moments, and this one hit me this AM, while I was getting my son some yogurt to mix with fantastic blueberry crop of VT this year, and here it was-- the blog had reached commercial packaging.

Ah, we knew it'd eventually get to this point. So be it, and btw, I've packaged the About page with a few of the details along the way, (pics too).

I'm heading down to Massachusetts now, and will arrive in Boston tomorrow morning, first for a breakfast of bloggers with Henry Waxman, and then the DNC's blogger breakfast. Monday and Tuesday, I've kept pretty open, just to have some fun inside the hall, and see what turns up blogging-wise by talking with the delegates and candidates.

Wednesday and Thursday, at least from the looks of my schedule, the access jumps quite a bit, I'll keep you posted. Hopefully, and it should, the video will work and you'll get some behind-the-scenes clips.

I've also got an updated House list to put out, so if nothing else is interesting to blog in Boston, I'll work on the new 2004 Outlook pages.

Some notes to end the day

Just got back driving from Manchester, NH, where Markos of Daily Kos, Rusty from Kuro5hin and I got together last night for a whole day today of envisioning Scoop's SSO (single-sign-on) campaign website development for the next 4 months. It's gonna rock, wait and see. Also, got news that MyDD's Chris Bowers is going to ride along with the blogosphere's beloved PA 8th's Ginny in the van to a campaign event with John Kerry. Interview, backstage photos... we don't want to put to much pressure on the blogger to deliver! Salon's got an article by Farhad Manjoo on the making of internet windfalls, At the speed of blog, about our funding frenzy of "Ginny" Schrader earlier this week. A note for Maura in VA, see you in Boston, you owe me (just a little;) for that suggestion I gave to kos this afternoon, but we knew you deserved it back. And finally, it was a landslide in the poll, no Nader ad on MyDD, good.


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