Vast Left Wing Conspiracy Watch, Blogosphere Edition

Even though the memo nonsense has caused the last two weeks to perhaps the best week in terms of traffic in the history of conservative blogs, Southpaws still lead Wingers (to use Taegen Goddard's terms) in total blog traffic (details in the extended entry). This is very good news. While last week I wrote about the rising power of the top-down right wing Blogosphere, as this post shows the community oriented, even "nurturing" nature of lefty blogs is actually what pushes us over the top in terms of total traffic.

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Action Time

I believe the political blogosphere can be understood as different from existing campaign and political reporting primarily because our discussion is designed, and frequently does, to lead to action. Here is an overview of my theory on the subject. Let's spend a few hours turning theory into practice.

First, yesterday I wrote a long article detailing the excessive degree to which Gallup has favored Bush during this campaign. This article is getting some notice over at Dailykos, but let's spread the word to the media. DCG provides an excellent list of talking points to use when contacting the media--or even your friends and co-workers--about the Gallup poll. Also, slinkerwink provides an excellent list of media outlets to contact. No matter what other polls end up showing, we need to dent Gallup's public credibility until excessive qualifiers start appearing in every news release about their polls.

Second, when SSP and MyDD decided to try and start raising money for Ginny Schrader, we decided upon $2,000 as a great goal to achieve for the entire cycle. With $2,000, it would be as though we were one large donor giving the maximum. To date, through 20 donors, we have reached $980. We are almost halfway there! I'd like to meet our goal by the end of Q3, so we never have to nag you again. A $20 donation would put us over $1,000. Chip in today.

Third, please check out our sponsors. They all good causes.

Top-Down Right-Wing Blogosphere Growing Powerful

The right wing blogosphere and netroots is starting to show some of the same institutional strength and message consistency that has helped make the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy such a success. Over the past month, there were two instances when their newfound strength was demonstrated, the Swift Boat Liars and the "Forged" documents inanity.

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Coward from Crawford stuff

Well, that the whole rightwing blogosphere's fantasy has been discredited, Game Over: IBM Expert Says No Evidence of Forgery, before I even got around to commenting on it.... Back to the questions at hand regarding the Coward from Crawford's shirking business, like this here from Atrios... and did we talk about Bush being a flip-flopper? The AP does today.

Update (Chris): There is also this little number from US News, which will be exploding soon:

A review of the regulations governing Bush's Guard service during the Vietnam War shows that the White House used an inappropriate--and less stringent--Air Force standard in determining that he had fulfilled his duty. Because Bush signed a six-year "military service obligation," he was required to attend at least 44 inactive-duty training drills each fiscal year beginning July 1. But Bush's own records show that he fell short of that requirement, attending only 36 drills in the 1972-73 period, and only 12 in the 1973-74 period. The White House has said that Bush's service should be calculated using 12-month periods beginning on his induction date in May 1968. Using this time frame, however, Bush still fails the Air Force obligation standard.

Moreover, White House officials say, Bush should be judged on whether he attended enough drills to count toward retirement. They say he accumulated sufficient points under this grading system. Yet, even using their method, which some military experts say is incorrect, U.S. News 's analysis shows that Bush once again fell short. His military records reveal that he failed to attend enough active-duty training and weekend drills to gain the 50 points necessary to count his final year toward retirement.

The U.S. News analysis also showed that during the final two years of his obligation, Bush did not comply with Air Force regulations that impose a time limit on making up missed drills. What's more, he apparently never made up five months of drills he missed in 1972, contrary to assertions by the administration. White House officials did not respond to the analysis last week but emphasized that Bush had "served honorably."

Some experts say they remain mystified as to how Bush obtained an honorable discharge. Lawrence Korb, a former top Defense Department official in the Reagan administration, says the military records clearly show that Bush "had not fulfilled his obligation" and "should have been called to active duty."

I wouldn't expect attacks against Kerry to be dominating free media this week.

Blogs Competitive with Cable News On the Web

Over the past thirty-one days, the ten most trafficked political blogs, Dailykos, Instapundit, Atrios, Josh Marshall, Little Green Footballs, Wonkette, Political Animal, Teagan Goddard, Captain's Quarters and Real Clear Politics (listed in no particular order), totaled just over 28,000,000 unique visits. This compares favorably to the website traffic of the three 24/7 cable news had 5.7 million unique users in May, compared with 22.3 million for and 21.1 million for Particularly amazing is that Dailykos, with around 7 million unique visits over the past 31 days, now has a higher monthly website traffic than Fox News. Coooohhhll.

By 2006, I wouldn't be surprised at all if the top ten blogs have a combined traffic significantly greater than the three cable news networks combined. I can only wonder at the operating costs of these ten blogs versus the operating costs of the other three websites (100-1?).


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