Richardson Blog Round Up for Tuesday, August 28, 2007

What makes a good leader?  What qualities should we look for when choosing our next President?  Most of us know what we don't want -- any characteristics of the current administration.  But it's important for us as responsible citizens to learn from the past choose someone who will lead our country to a brighter future.  In his latest book, Where Have All the Leaders Gone?, Lee Iacocca discussed leadership -- how our current President lacks it, and how to know for the future who has it.  At Huffington Post, Mike Lyon determined what we already knew -- Governor Richardson has it:
I found [Iacocca's] "nine C's of leadership" to be, particularly interesting as a useful template for conducting due diligence. I tested Mr. Iacocca's formula by scoring each candidate on a scale from one to five in the categories listed below.

I was surprised with my results. Out of a possible 50 points, Bill Richardson scored 40, 10 points ahead of his closest opponent. I have always thought of the governor as well-qualified but was pretty amazed to see him out pace the others in such a way...

[the "nine C's of leadership"]

1) Curiosity
Listen to people outside the "Yes, Sir" crowd. Read voraciously.

2) Creative
Go out on a limb. Leadership is all about managing change.

3) Communicate
A simple one. You should be talking to everybody, even your enemies.

4) Character
Having the guts to do the right thing. If you don't make it on character, the rest won't amount to much.

5) Courage
Courage in the 21st century doesn't mean posturing and bravado. Courage is a commitment to sit down at the negotiation table and talk.

6) Conviction
Fire in your belly. You've got to really want to get something done.

7) Charisma
The ability to inspire. People follow a leader because they trust him/her.

8) Competent
Surround yourself with people who know what they are doing. Be a problem solver.

9) Common Sense
Your ability to reason.

The biggest C is "crisis." Leadership is forged in times of crisis. It's easy to sit there with your feet up on the desk and talk theory or send someone else's kids off to war when you have never seen a battlefield yourself.

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Richardson Blog Round Up for Monday, August 27, 2007

After spending the weekend in New Hampshire, Governor Richardson is in Iowa today starting a two-day trip around the state.  This afternoon, the governor participated in the Livestrong forum in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  Lance Armstrong and Chris Matthews moderated the event.  At MyDD, Nate Willems commented on Governor Richardson's contribution to the discussion of cancer and related issues at the forum:

Governor Bill Richardson brought up a number of different issues that nobody else spoke to this morning.  Of course, he said many of the same things, "I support a `surge' on the war on cancer;""we need to more than double the NIH budget." Richardson, though, brought up the issue of mental health, of healthy lifestyles and the prevention of diabetes.  He brought the perspective of a Governor and made allusions to his work New Mexico trying to provide insurance to a larger and larger number of its residents instead of waiting for the federal government to take action.  Richardson was the only candidate to speak about requiring Medicare to negotiate lower prescription drug prices on behalf of seniors.  He stated is support of a constitutional amendment requiring a balanced budget, and of tying the salary increases to members of Congress to progress made on reducing the size of the federal deficit.  Lastly, he explained his support for a law legalizing the medical use of marijuana that was enacted during his tenure as Governor of New Mexico.
Find more information on Governor Richardson's health care policy platform here.

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Richardson Blog Round Up *Move*

Hi there, whoever's reading this.  As you'll notice, there's no Richardson Blog Round Up with my username as the author today.  That's because from now on, I'll be publishing the Round Ups under the official campaign username, Bill Richardson for President.

So please continue to follow the Round Ups.  Today's is right here.  And thank you for reading!

(also, sorry this is so short, I imagine this doesn't really qualify as a normal diary, but I wanted to make sure all followers of the daily Richardson Blog Round Up could continue to read it!)

Have a good weekend!

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Richardson Blog Round Up for Friday, August 24, 2007

At Huffington Post this morning, James Boyce wrote about how good it is to see at least some of our political leaders taking action to stop global warming:
Go West Young Man: And See People Walking The Walk On Global Warming.

Raising awareness on the issue of Global Warming is great, but I, and others, have grown increasingly anxious to see some action.

Kudos to the elected officials in the Western States (and to Governor Bill Richardson especially) for getting their act together and working together to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

I had the chance to listen in on the conference call announcing this initiative and what struck me was that these leaders are seeing the impact of global warming firsthand. They see the snow melt, the forest fires, they are living through the changes and they are doing something about it... what the Western Climate Initiative proves is that misleading the public is not so easy when the public can see proof you're lying with their own eyes.

A couple more things struck me about the call. Not only was it Western States, but it's two provinces of Canada and, if I understood a comment correctly, soon a province from Mexico was going to join the program.

The other thing that impressed me was the solid work of Bill Richardson here. Now that green is rapidly becoming a favorite color of many politicians, seeing how much work Richardson has actually done on the issue was refreshing. I applaud our leaders in DC for having committee meetings and so forth and setting meetings to have a meeting, but time is running short.

To learn more about the Western Climate Initiative and Governor Richardson's plan for a new energy revolution, click here.

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Richardson Blog Round Up for Thursday, August 23, 2007

In less than an hour, the first ever presidential candidates forum held on Indian land will begin. According to USA Today's On Politics blog, the Prez on the Rez forum will be taking place at 3:30 PM PDT (6:30 PM EDT) on the Morongo Band of Mission Indians' reservation in Southern California. At the forum will be Native American elected tribal leaders from all around the country. All Democratic candidates were invited to participate in this historic forum, but only three will be showing up to talk about the issues most important to Native American communities everywhere. New Mexico political blogger Heath Haussamen wondered why the rest of the Democratic field "couldn't make time for the first Americans, those who have been stepped on by their government for so long?" He isn't the only one asking this question.

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