Kossacks say the darnedest things!

I don't know about you, but, I blog out of passion for my beliefs and for what I, personally, think is righteous. I would imagine many people here on MyDD share my feelings about why they're here, too.

In my 32+ years of  participating in and following U.S. politics, like many, I find this cycle to be far more fascinating than any I've lived through until now.

Now, I don't care if you support Clinton or Obama or even McCain, as long as you're sincere with regard to what you write.  That being said, if you're going to get in my face here with disingenuous bullshit, then I've got a problem with "you."

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Chauvinism, Misogyny and Racism

I find it most interesting that Webster's defines chauvinism as: n. absurdly exaggerated patriotism; blind enthusiasm for a cause. [Fr., Nicolas Chauvin]

And, Webster's defines misogyny as: n. hatred of women. [Gk. miseein, to hate; gune, a woman]

Lastly, Webster's defines racism: n. animosity shown to peoples of different race. [It. razza]

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The Next Generation in Progressive Blogs: A Regional Blogosphere

Come On Up For The Rising: West Michigan's New Progressive Blog Is Launched!

We invite  you to check out the next wave in progressive blogging -- West Michigan Democratic, progressive, populist and partisan blog: West Michigan Rising.

Toward a the Next Wave -- Regional Blogs

Progressive blogging began back in 2001 when Jerome Armstrong founded MyDD back in 2001, and really took off in mid-2003 when recently founded DailyKos started to take off in popularity in combination with the Dean campaign.  These were national blogs and tackled mostly presidential campaigns, the US congress, and certain high-profile Senate (Obama, Lamont, Tester, Webb, etc) and some House campaigns, but not most...

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What I Learned In Kindergarten

     As the Democratic primary continues to drag on I am reminded of a book I read a long time ago. The name of the book was, "All I Really Need To Know I Learned in Kindergarten". Obviously the candidates and their campaigns didn't read the book, if they had maybe there would be a lot less of this incessant snipping that has overtaken the issues in this campaign. In the book the author states that the most important lessons in life the Golden Rule, honesty, clean up your own mess, and say you're sorry when you hurt somebody he learned in kindergarten. These valuable lessons would be a welcome change on the campaign trail. For many of us, kindergarten represented our first foray into the social experiment we call society. It was important to learn the ground rules of interpersonal communications to learn how to navigate the many pitfalls that await those who don't learn them.

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The Uzi vs. the Butter Knife

This is a relatively brief diary, about something that I'd really like to forget after filing it under: "Beating a Dead Horse." But, the anti-MyDD crowd over at Kos is at it again, with their typically obnoxious rants. This time it's personal attacks on Jerome and Alegre, combined with their sanctimonious crap du jour. The diary's right here: The Tide Has Turned At MY DD!

As you'll see, unbeknownst to me--and I'd think most of the folks here--there was some sort of deliberate attempt by a handful of folks over there over the past two weeks to disrupt everyday commentary here. If you're like me, you probably only noticed it slightly--certainly not enough to think there was any deliberate nature to anyone's efforts. But, I had no idea it was conspiratorial in nature.

Apparently, it was.

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