When Will They Stop Lying About The Economy?

Everything "we know"about our economy really is wrong.

The U.S. gov't is grossly distorting our country's financial realities to us, via publicized statistical reports, on a regular basis.

At least as far as the Consumer Price Index (i.e.: inflation and cost of living statistics) is concerned,  in a story running in this (Monday) morning's Bloomberg.com confirms this.  A variety of comments from throughout the business community concur that the Consumer Price Index ("CPI") statistics that we hear from our government are little more than fiction.

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The quickly-approaching light. A full-scale meltdown.

The quickly-approaching light at the end of our tunnel this election cycle is a turbocharged, nuclear-powered locomotive, the likes of which we've never seen. It will arrive at our station well BEFORE we cast our votes in November.

In fact, if you read below the fold, it's already arrived...today.

Unbeknownst to the majority of U.S. society, due to a total lack of responsible reporting of the facts by the MSM, it is now self-evident to this diarist that the sky really is falling.

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Who needs to be thrown under the bus

I've suggested that Obama throw both Jimmy Carter and Kwame Kirkpatrick under the bus in the upcoming weeks; it'll be good theatre and probably help him out in Michigan and Florida.

Now here's a suggestion for both Obama and Clinton; when she returns next week, Hillary and Barack should do a web-based commercial together where they throw the entire liberal netroots and blogosphere under the bus.  The venom getting thrown by both sides has been an absolute embarrassment.  The community deserves to be hoisted upon its own petard.

That diary last night and its subsequent comments were pathetic.  It was great in fostering divisions in this community and lending credence to the dead-enders that are spreading disunity.

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So much hate. So little time.

First a little background...

My diary on MyDD, six days ago (last Tuesday), entitled: "Clinton Supporters: How Can We Not Support Obama Now?" was posted on DKos a day later within a diary by CaptUnderpants: "Something amazing is happening on MyDD" this past Wednesday. The Captain's diary zoomed to the top of the Rec List there with over 500 comments and almost twice as many rec's.  

After learning about this, I decided to spend a little time reading DKos posts and comments over the past few days, in order to make an assessment of the state of affairs at DKos with regard to the community's ongoing efforts to unify our Party behind our presumptive nominee--a candidate whom I now wholeheartedly endorse.

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Things I Wish Would Go Away

     It seems that every single diary includes tired old themes, arguments, and general things that have gotten annoying.  Not to say that all or even most diaries/comments fall into this category, but in every diary, it seems they are present.  Some things I will be happy to never read again...

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