Trippi leaves TMS

Well, this seemed coming for a while now, sounds like it's official, according to Hotline's reporting yesterday: Callers to Trippi, McMahon & Squier today will get an interesting surprise -- at least it surprised Hotline. The firm now answers their phone McMahon, Squier and Associates. Apparently, TMS partners have decided to part ways. McMahon and Squier will continue advising Howard Dean and producing ads for their Democratic and corporate clients along with partner John Donovan. Trippi will be blogging and pursuing other ventures on a more full-time basis. Looks like the transition hasn't made it's way to their TMS "New Media"website.

MyDD's new blogger

Hey everyone, Chris Bowers is going to start posting on MyDD.  He's been a longtime reader/commenter of MyDD and DailyKos under the same name. I recieved a number of strong apps from qualified bloggers, and want to thank all of those who replied. Chris is currently a union organizer in Chicago, Illinois, with a graduate and teaching background in English and Writing. His writing skills aside, it's the ability of Chris to picks apart polls and form overviews that's impressed the blogosphere, so I'm pleased that he'll have a wider platform for his general commentary and the campaign and poll projects that he's started for the General election.

I'll still be posting here quite a bit, and am going to launch an electoral vote counter and overviews of the Gov, Senate and House races during May. But I expect as the election season heats up, I'll be working harder than ever consulting with the campaigns.

I've also started blogads, here; which hopefully will enhance the opportunity for Chris to reap some benefits for his blogging work. Some people don't like them at all, and for those folks, just know, that Markos and I have a subscription-based, ad free permmissions thingy-widget on Rusty's Scoop development list, it's just got a lot of other things in front of it...

One other note, there's not going to be a legacy MyDD, as bringing over the GM and MT, would require fresh installs on our servers, and then migration then... besides, it's all on the WayBackMachine.

Now, the last guy that I brought on here at MyDD (Mathew Gross in early 2002) used it as a launching pad into becoming the blogger in chief and internet communications director for Howard Dean's Presidential campaign, so, expect great things, welcome aboard Chris!

Opportunity & Open Thread

I'm looking to hire a full-time blogger for MyDD to join in the blogging here. If you are interested, apply by April 30th, you'll begin May 1st. The monthly pay is mid three-figures to start (not a ton, but if you are in the habit of doing it anyway...). The qualifications I can think of off the top of my head are that you have good political insight (especially into campaigns and elections), and have the time to research and blog obsessively about the 2004 election. All you need to do to apply is email (mail -at- links to your online writing (attachments will not be opened).

Now that things have started to thaw out up here in Burlington, I'm heading down to some beaches in Florida for the week. Maybe someone will pop in with a guest post, maybe not... be back in a week.

(see ya vermont!)

The Republican's problem with the internet

So Republicans negative strategists have successfully created a stir over links in 2004. It's not the first time. During the 2002 mid-terms, around August-Septemeber, Liberal Oasis endorsed some moderate Democrats, like Anne Sumers in NJ, Shelley Berkley in NV, and John Arthur Smith in New Mexico during their US House races. LO put up a few links to their pages, asking the readers to contribute to their campaign. The Republicans then used the links (one way, mind you) to attack the Democratic candidates.

Here, take a look, Rep Garrett still has the stupid PR up on the campaign website. It's tough to make this stuff up: Along with her liberal colleagues Bob Torricelli, Ralph Nader, and Jerry Brown, Anne Sumers finds a happy home in cyberspace.

The drama played out with Sumers disavowing any connection whatsoever with Liberal Oasis:

Last week, the campaign manager for Anne Sumers, New Jersey Democratic congressional candidate, called LiberalOasis to have her link removed, apparently because any association with the word “liberal” was not to be tolerated.
Seeing success, the Garrett campaign played up the non-issue throughout the rest of the campaign, and Republicans went on to use the tactic in the other House elections mentioned above. You can read the Sumers details on LO, here and here.

So, we've just went through a whole new round of the Republican smear for links scam. This time, spurred on by rightwing sites like Instapundit and Little Green Footballs attacking Dem-leaning sites for their candidate's blogads, the NRSC got involved and attacked OK Dem US Senate candidate Brad Carson for linking to various sites. But look where the NRSC runs ads:

Right on, FR's equivalent for Dems would be for the DSCC to be advertising on Democratic Underground or BartCop. Sure, it's hypocrisy on the part of the NRSC. The GOP would be better off using the blogosphere and websites for actual results, instead of denigrating it with smears. Even to a partisan Republican blogger, the NRSC's attack on Carson must seem ignorant.

But Brad Carson, unlike Sumer's tent-folding to the rightwinger attack (whom Kerry's blog followed in pattern), responded with the right attitude. Mock and condecension. Stephanie Herseth's play-nice response on the "secret website" claim was an effective reframing of the issue as well, but the hard hit-back is going to be more effective in stopping this nonsense. If the Republicans are going to try to use a fundamental part of the internet for their partisan gain -- linkage -- then Democratic candidates should just ignore the partisan snipping, or publically mock their ignorance in return.

Update: LO emailed me this link 2002 link to how Shelley Berkley handled the situation (maybe it's just coincidence that she's the one out of the three that stood up to the Republican "link scandal", and won). The Las Vegas Review-Journal article on the issue is instructive.

Hear no evil...

It's true, what Ed says: control F reveals not a single utterance of the "Iraq" word the entire week... staring Patrick Ruffini, serving up the out-of-touch dish on Bush's blog. It is pretty ironic, that as the nation's job scene looks a little better over a year ago, the Bush administrations foreign policy is in shambles.


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