The Second Quarter Push at Blue Majority

Over at Blue Majority, this cycle's version of the Netroots Candidates list on Act Blue put together by the folks here at MyDD along with the folks at Daily Kos and Swing State Project, we're having our first big fundraising push of the year on behalf of the two candidates on the list thus far: Al Wynn-foe Donna Edwards and soon-to-be John Doolittle-slayer Charlie Brown. For those unfamiliar with these two candidates, Matt had a great post on Edwards, who is running in Maryland's fourth district, here, and Markos had a great post recently on Brown, who is running in California's fourth district, here.

We are not making a huge ask today, but it's an important one. We're fast approaching the end of the second fundraising quarter -- all contributions need to be in by the end of the day on June 30 -- so we are asking folks to chip in $10 for Edwards and Brown, and we would like to see 100 new contributions for each of them by the end of the day Saturday.

So let's make our mark on these important races at this critical early stage in the campaign. Head on over to the Blue Majority page on Act Blue and show your support for Brown and Edwards today.

(For more on this effort, head on over to Swing State Project)

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Free State Politics v2 is Live (Marylanders Take Note)

Thanks to help from Blogpac Maryland progressives now have a new home:

Free State Politics

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New Community Blog for Maryland

I thought you might like to know that, thanks to a generous grant from BlogPAC, Maryland's liberal group blog
Free State Politics ( has
successfully moved over to Soapblox. The new URL is:

I encourage Marylanders who read or write for MyDD to check it out.

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Next Round of Blogpac Grants


State and local blogs are the way of the future. They provide local political news and analysis not available anywhere else, especially as media consolidation means fewer and fewer experienced political reporters and good stories. And they also help bring together activist communities, which can change the shape of an entire race. (See Lieberman, CT, or Allen, VA for examples).

Blogpac wants to support that work. As previously diaried, we are offering a series of grants to community blogs to help cover hosting fees (one year of hosting, ie. $180, will be the standard amount). Blogpac is pleased to announce our second round of blog grants.

Read more about the grant criteria here. For the first time, we're also offering grants to group blogs not on a community platform - to enable them to switch. Congratulations to those in this round, and stay tuned for more grant awards in the future.

Like what we're doing and want to support it? Contribute to Blogpac monthly or one time only.

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BlogPac Ordinary Hero: Raven Brooks


This is the first in a weekly series of articles that will appear on, recognizing unsung heroes of the progressive movement--ordinary people who are working tirelessly to make America a better place. If you have suggestions about people who deserve more recognition for their work as progressive activists, please contact us at fighttheright-at-opendoor-dot-com.

Tomorrow we will announce our first $1,000 BlogPac Activist Hero Award.  Please sustain our efforts by contributing to BlogPac.

In the late 1990s, Raven Brooks was a member of Texas A&M University's elite Cadet Corps--a four-year military program similar to West Point. "I wasn't very politically aware at that time in my life," he explains. "I would have said I was a Republican, because growing up in Texas, in a conservative family, that's all I knew....but I didn't really agree with my parents--or my classmates--on many topics."

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