The Root (WAPO) and The Grio (NBC) Working To Control Black American Politics?

Yes, I said it. And yes, I am wondering out loud, if Corporate black blogs like The Root and The Grio are working to control black political thought in America?

AAP says: "Move over grassroots black political bloggers, NBC and The Washington Post have hatched a scheme to take over black political thought over the internet. They are like ATT taking over the smaller telephone companies. They are buying co-opting as many black bloggers as possible, and unfortunately it just may be working."  

Now the question is, on the immediate political front, whether both of these corporate media giants (WaPo and NBC) are doing nothing more than being under-cover operatives for getting President Barack Obama elected in 2012?

As I said in my earlier post, It get's under my black skin, that so-called black bloggers at (white controlled) corporate black blogs like The Root, owned by the Washington Post, and the The Grio, owned by NBC, are nothing more than a group of organized Obama loyalist who seem to never report on how blacks will lose $194 billion in wealth through 2012, or how the housing crisis continues to hits blacks the hardest and how President Obama (as Russell Simmons recently pointed out in his Open Letter To President Barack Obama) has all but ignored the plight of black America.  

I remember when I learned that NBC would launch a African American news site

and The Washington Post was planning to launch 'The Root', my gut reaction was, "there they go, white corporate America moving to "takeover" black political and social opinion over the internet."

I knew that folks at the Washington Post and NBC were getting concerned that black bloggers groups like the afrospear/afrosphere were getting too organized. I also felt in my gut that white media outlets, may have even sent its own operatives into the afrospear/afrosphere group to spread discontent. 

As I noted previously on this blog, there was a time when a group of black bloggers called the afrospear/afrosphere began to organize and became a force in the black America.

Unfortunately, the Afrospear/Afrosphere has seemed to 'step aside' as a group, and allow corporate black blogs like the Washington Post's The Root (owned by the Washington Post Company through its online subsidiary, Washington Post-Newsweek Interactive) and NBC's The Grio, to jump in feet first, and act as though they are the voice of on-line Black America

I guess the with big bucks from The Washngton Post and NBC, (The Root and The Grio) have just about become campaign organizations for President Obama's 2012 Campaign. Candidly, Both of these black corporate blogs or so-called black news outlets should be required to file with the Federal Election authorities as part of the Obama organization.

Will The Root and The Grio become the electronic voice of Black America?  I don't think so... the voice of the black blogging community continues to grow. It will take more than NBC and The Washington Post to control black political thought in this country... But they sure are trying...


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Don't Ignore Black Voters

Ok, don't hate me for saying this, but the fact of the matter is President Barack Obama ignored black voters until the last 30 days of the mid term elections, which proved to be a disaster for Democrats. Democrats were hoping for high turnout from black voters in Tuesday's mid-term election. ... which did not happen.

Now look at what happened, as reported by the BBC World News, John Boehner is now urging President Barack Obama to change course and is vowing to reverse his healthcare reforms, after Democrats suffered a severe setback in mid-term elections last night. Read more HERE

Speaking of the BBC, I served as an in studio guest on the BBC World News covering the mid term elections last night. BBC World Service broadcasted a seven-hour election night special.  The program offered global audiences analysis and regular updates throughout the night. The program provided leading politicians and political pundits an opportunity to bring the results to the world. (I will provide more information on the BBC broadcast as an update to this post later today, including pictures, and links to to BBC host). Hat Tip Kati at the BBC!

The BBC World News provided extensive coverage, including how the Democrats bagged a rare beast of the American electoral jungle: the endangered Republican incumbent. Anh Cao, a former Jesuit seminarian who became the first Vietnamese-American Congressman, lost his seat in New Orleans to Democrat Cedric Richmond. Even his recent declaration of "love" for Obama couldn't save him. They also covered how all three black Senate candidates, Kendrick Meek (D-FL), Alvin Greene (D-SC) and Mike Thurmond (D-GA) lost last night, all who received liitle or no attention from the leader of the Democtratic Party, Barack Obama.

As I discussed on the BBC, the White House and the Democrats got a real beat down last night. One of the problems is what I have been saying for some time, lack of conversation by the White House and DNC until the last 30 days of the mid terms elections.

It was not all bad news last night

One of the great outcomes last night was Carl Paladino lost his governorship bid in New York. Democrat Andrew Cuomo won the race for New York governor, beating Tea Party-backed Carl Paladino. As reported by the BBC, Paladino offered only a grudging apology for sending racially charged e-mails to friends, including one of Barack and Michelle Obama as a pimp and prostitute. Another, entitled "Proof the Irish discovered Africa", contained a video of monkeys jigging to Lord of the Dance.  New York's gubernatorial loser Carl Paladino did himself no favours by comparing trade unions to pigs; calling for welfare recipients to live in prisons, so they could learn about personal hygiene; and branding gay parades "disgusting".

I will be talking about how the President ignored the black voters and black candidates until the last 30 days of the election on my blogtalk radio program.

Here is what I said on the BBC on the Democratic Party not getting its message out fast enough to the American people, and for that matter it's biggest voting bloc, African Americans:

2027: LN Rock, who blogs as African American pundit tells the BBC World Service that the Democratic Party didn't get its message out fast enough. "The president has not been able to communicate with the American people, saying what he has accomplished over the past two years. He tackled healthcare reform as his first strategy priority and he didn't communicate to the American people that it was a critical priority and get a wellspring of support in the American populace." More HERE

2010 mid term election learning curve for the Obama administration: Stop ignoring black voters. It can come back to bite yah!

Is Barack Obama Talking Down To Black Male Voters? (+)

Barack Obama was heckled and accused of not focusing on black issues. Obama appeared in St. Petersburg, Florida and was interrupted when 3 black men stood up, put up a banner that said, "What about the black community, Obama?" and hollered, What about the black community?  

Obama told them they would have time to ask questions after the speech was over, and they did. They asked why he was not focusing on issues like the sub-prime mortgage crisis, Jena Six, Sean Bell and "the numerous attacks that are made against the African-American community." Obama responded twofold: telling the hecklers that he had, in fact, been focused on these issues and explaining that there would never be 100% continuity between his agenda and that of the voters.

"Listen, I was a civil rights lawyer," Obama said. "I passed the first racial profiling legislation in Illinois.

I passed some of the toughest death penalty reform legislation in Illinois.

That doesn't mean I am always going to satisfy the way you want these issues framed... which gives you the option of voting for somebody else, it gives you the option of running for office yourself, those are all options.

Did Barack Obama have say all that? Did he have to say, "which gives you the option of voting for somebody else." 

AAPP: I wonder why Barack went there on the brothers? why did he have to give the riot act on voting to the brothers? Was Jesse Jackson right, but just said it the wrong way? Is Barack having issues with black men, or is it a tight rope he is walking on? Candidly, i don't think he needed to go there on the brothers.

More at:

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I will Not Vote For An Obama-Hillary Ticket

AAPP: I'm with James Clyburn, the House of Representatives majority whip who said: "At some point, she needs to congratulate the man for having won. Those kinds of things are important to us who grew up in the South with these kinds of slights. That speech cannot be seen as anything but a slight." 08/06/i-will-not-vote-for-obama-hillary. html

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Hillary is NOW Damaging Feminism

It is time that feminists who have supported Clinton for the right reasons step up to the plate and criticize her for unacceptable remarks and practices. The women's movement has been deeply divided over the Clinton candidacy. Yet what started out as a legitimate disagreement about the merits of the candidates and their agendas has turned into a test of one's feminist credentials. But the test is perverse. It is not a test of feminist principles and values. It has become a test of loyalty to Clinton, in spite of the fact that she is undermining basic feminist values.

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