Stephen Colbert in death match with black Barbie

A few weeks ago, Stephen Colbert had me on his show. He was trying to get me to confess the numerous ways that ACORN is working to undermine the principles of capitalism. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Now, you know I'd love to tell you everything about the interview, but I don't know what the editors are going to allow on the air, so how about I just share a few bits and pieces from the interview?

Right when I sat down and shook his hand he asked me if I'd helped any poor people that day, and I said, "Of course!" Then he took out his Purell, squirted it into his hands and told me that it was nothing personal, but "poor" seemed to be going around these days and he had a family to think about.

Then he tried to take down my information for the "census." His first question was "how many sexual partners have you had!" Now it seemed only fair that I got to take down his embarrassing information as well, so I took one of the forms from his lap and asked him just how many sexual partners he had had.  You gotta tune in tonight to find out how we answered!  

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Sick and Tired's Turn to Stand and Fight

I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired.

How many times have you said or thought that? Plenty, I'll bet. If you are like ACORN member Tamecka Pierce from Florida who suffers from lupus and serious gaps in her health care coverage, it's a regular thing.

If you are like the ACORN members I speak with regularly, the mother who worries about her son's asthma medicine, the partners who worry if their uninsured husbands get injured on the job, the families who face discrimination in the ambulances on the way to the hospital where a lack of insurance can take us 20 minutes farther away to a hospital that will provide care, then you know.

You are also sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Well, you aren't alone.

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Stopping the 13 Second Clock: ACORN and Leading Mayors Join Together in Fighting Foreclosures

Yesterday I was honored to be on a call with America's leading mayors and the US Conference of Mayors to talk about a huge problem affecting cities from coast to coast: the foreclosure crisis.

I've been talking about how a family is losing their home every 13 seconds for awhile now and the recent failure by Congress to enact bankruptcy reform to protect homeowners because of industry pressure was a real blow to stopping that clock.  

But the failure in Washington isn't going to stand in the way of ACORN's push to address the crisis at the heart of the economic meltdown and teaming up with some of the leading mayors in the United States is a major way we're moving forward to help families stay in their homes.

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"Lupus Isn't the Only Thing Eating Me Up About Health Care"

When Florida ACORN member Tamecka Pierce first got her employer-provided health insurance, she was ecstatic. No more dealing with the limitations and bureaucracy of the Medicaid system, which had been her sole option as an unemployed single mother with three children.

That joy was short lived. Just after she was accepted into the Blue Cross/Blue Shield program, she was diagnosed with lupus, an auto-immune disease in which the body slowly eats away at itself. The treatment is complex, ever-shifting, and life-long as there is no cure.

Predictably, Blue Cross/Blue Shield spent months fighting not to cover Tamecka. When she finally won, her problems didn’t end. As the sole breadwinner, money is always an issue. On a monthly basis, Tamecka found herself choosing between medications and visits to specialist, or between health care and other bills.  

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Follow me over the flip to find out the solution.

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A 21st Century Civil Rights Movement

Today, Friday May 1, 2009, thousands of people across this magnificent and gorgeous country of ours are taking to the streets to rally for comprehensive changes to our immigration policies - changes that promote family unity, promote public health and safety, and end the police-state approach to patrolling communities of color exemplified by abusive tactics practiced by law enforcement officials like Sheriff Joe Arpaio in Maricopa County, Arizona, where Phoenix is located.  

From Seattle to Miami, we are coming out in a show of multi-ethnic solidarity with immigrant workers and the communities in which they live. This show of support represents a new moment in American history - the emergence of a civil rights movement for the 21st century. One that brings together the component parts of the American future to demand fairness and equity for all communities of color in the vibrant mosaic that makes up this great country.

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