Insider's Disease

Daniel Biss has a very good comment on the Barack Obama problem:

You say Obama isn't being "true to his principles" while presenting like a billion quotes that indicate that his principles are exactly consistent.  It sounds to me that the problem is that Obama isn't being true to your principles.

I got an email last night from someone who said that Obama "seems to have this need to bring people together, to avoid conflict, even when conciliation is the wrong approach."

Obama, since long before his DNC speech (and including the DNC speech) has stressed bridging gaps and bringing people together. I happen to think that's a skill in perilously short supply in today's political climate.

Now, I agree with your subtext, which is that being tough and playing hardball with the opposition is another skill that's in perilously short supply on our side these days, but it seems to me that you're conflating actively seeking conciliation with just sitting around and accepting the fact that Republicans are manhandling this country.

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Memory Lane

On the heels of Barack Obama's endorsement of both Joe Lieberman and Tammy Duckworth, I figured we could take a stroll down memory lane and relive the two glorious years since Obama's wonderful speech at the DNC.

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Senate: 'We're too ethical to need independent scrutiny'

Famously, the Civil Rights Act of 1957 was an act without too many civil rights in it.

The most recent ethics bill S 2349, the Legislative Transparency and Accountability Act, works on much the same basis.

Lefty blog hate figure St Joseph of Stamford together with Maine Sister Susan Collins cooked up a little amendment to establish an Office of Public Integrity to oversee the handling of ethics complaints.

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On the whole Tammy Duckworth thing

You know I was listening to Christine Cegelis on Laura Flanders' show last night and she said that her and her people, the organization of volunteers that her campaign excited and built up were not going to go work for Duckworth, but instead they are going to go and help local progressive candidates not backed by the establishment. I think they are doing the right thing. Duckworth has the establishment support they obviously just expect people to vote for her anyway.

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A Different Interpretation of Illinois 06

I too have meditated a lot on the results and the various events coloring the race in Illinois 06.  

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