Obama's Project: Making Thin Ice Safe

Those with an investment position betting on the Dow Jones Industrial Average plummeting to say 6,500 (it's at 8,131 now), should read Alexander Cockburn's piece in CounterPunch and be happy. Not the rest of us.

Consider the recovery project facing Obama in saving the world economy and the words gargantuan and humongous come to mind, analogous to constructing a snow fortress on thin ice on a central Wisconsin lake during the early Autumn. [Lots of unknowns and ambiguity; we don't know what to do, why and whether it will work.]

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Obama releases torture memos, vows 'never again'

Update:Extraordinary NYT editorial The Torturers┬ĺ Manifesto

Excellent, that's why we elected Obama, and it's nice to read the newspaper of record, the New York Times, use the word torture in its news reports.

Good, says Glenn Greenwald: Obama releases torture memos

Few redactions in the Bush-era documents, the president passes a major test

Bad, Bush, Cheney, Yoo, Gonzales, Addington, Feith, Haynes, and Bybee and the whole rotten bunch ought to get the ax before anyone. Says Alex Koppelman: Administration takes one step forward, one back

The DOJ will release disputed memos about torture, but CIA officials won't be prosecuted for waterboarding.

Never again, Obama says below; he has set the record straight, what more can we ask?

Perhaps more facts. And just maybe retributive justice vis a vis exposure won't do anyone any good. Why do we want? Drop acid on these guys' eyes? This isn't Iran.

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Gary Kamiya Is Off Today

The Devil, strike that, the culture made me do it!

Gary Kamiya strikes out today with his piece on cop killer Richard Poplawski.

The sub-headline asks "amid the deafening din of the right wing's anti-government rhetoric, how extreme is he?"

Kamiya should have stopped at the editor's sub-headline in his 1,100-word piece.

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S&L Crisis Reformist: Gov-Industry Cover-Up Is Huge

Update: Black's response can be read at Black's response to bloggers.

William K. Black, senior regulator during the 1980s S & L crisis and associate professor of economics and law, says the government understates the immense scale of exotic financial products fraud and is lying about the current health of our financial system to prevent a meltdown.

Confidence is oxygen, pointed out Warren Buffett last October. I keep up my hope that Obama is simply rolling out the recovery program (and sparing us all the details) so as not to scare the hell out of everyone, thinking that the immediate effects of the recovery ought to be different than a shock-and-awe campaign. But secrecy doesn't exactly work well nor should it in democracies, right?

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Earmarks No Good? Tell That to Janesville, Wisc

From today's State Journal: "U.S. Sen. Herb Kohl D-Wis., added $951,000 to the federal Omnibus Appropriations Bill for Black hawk Technical College to provide job training and placement services for former employees of General Motors in Janesville and it supplier companies."

The horror ... because the job training and placement services are an earmark, according to Wisconsin's Sen. Russ Feingold (D-Middleton) and Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Janesville) and of-course the ever-foolish John McCain.

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