An amusement park inside Baghdad; this is pathetic!

Thousands of our troops have been killed or injured in Iraq over the past 5 years.  We lost 50 soldiers just last month.

Tax payers are spending billions of dollars ($5000 per second according to Senator Reid, the Senate Majority Leader) every day to protect the Iraqi people and their country.

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[Iraq] The al-Sadr ceasefire burns out?

Largely as a result of portions (described in some sources as "splinter groups") of the Mahdi Army engaging in illegal smuggling activities in Basra (which increased, accompanied by higher levels of violence when the UK pulled out), the US and Iraqi armies have launched what is, in essence, a militarized police action against the Shia militia.

[In sourcing this diary I'm using new first-hand reporting from the New York Times and Christian Science Monitor.]

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Gates admits surge " just to buy time."

A friend of mine use to work at a shady car dealership.

"Once you've selected a car you're taken into what's called a 'closing booth'.  Your salesman, if he fails to get you to agree on a sale, must keep passing the baton off to a succession of other salesmen and 'closers'.   Until you finally sign, or walk out"..

The Iraqis have been trying to walk out.

But Secretary of Defense Gates, making a 'surprise' trip to Iraq, is the third senior US official to visit Baghdad this week, following John Negroponte, the US deputy secretary of state, and Admiral William Fallon.

And as he promised Congress he would do, he finally spoke the truth:

"...."It is the same message [to Al-Maliki] that I have been delivering since December, that our troops are buying them time to pursue reconciliation...."

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Iraq; A Hell on Earth made in Washington D.C.

Why America went into Iraq is something for the pundits, academics and the politicians to discuss into the next century. What has happened there since our arrival is something I can only hope will be fully realized and understood by the American public and every elected official in our country.

From my personal experiences of living in Iraq for three years, I have concluded America's leadership is solely responsible for the entire country of Iraq becoming a living hell of suffering, poverty, starvation and depravation, unimaginable to either Iraqi or U.S. citizen just prior to our arrival in Iraq in 2003.

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Mainstream media is STILL ignoring positive stories coming from Iraq!!!

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